Assorted Mathematics

Some assorted mathematics has been bugging me, so I decided to re-state them in my perspective.

 First of all, circles do not exist. In reality, a circle would be more along the lines of a quadri-decamillion sided figure, or some large sum such as that. If you take any circle and look close enough, you will see that it is formed by the bonds between atoms, or by looking closer the quarks and so forth. You could continue looking smaller and smaller, so in truth a circle is just a regular polygon cut so many times that to the naked eye it seems to be curved. In reality-circles do not exist unless re-defined as such.

 The dimensions- so many people debate on the fourth dimension, but why not try thinking in the way of a counter-proof? Imagine the dimensions as a four legged stool- you cannot lift one leg, just as there can be no one dimension in matter. You can lift two legs, forming your width and length. You can even lift three legs, as per the third dimension. You cannot lift one leg or 4 legs- that would be impossible for matter. If the 1st dimension is width or length, then only energy or forces can go in that dimension singly. If this fourth dimension has no effect over matter or energy, then it must be targeted to such things as anti-matter or entropy or some such things, and as so it affects us not. True, it would affect us if we knew about it, but we have a small grasp if any on the afore mentioned things. Thus, they do not affect us.

 If anyone else has any things applicable to this subject, be my guest to post it.

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math is like language. it’s got it’s practical uses, but it’s just a map, not the actual terrain. we call something a circle, because it’s more like a circle than it is like a square or rectangle or triangle or whatever, not because its a perfect circle.

I see where you are coming from, but that is more of an opinion. Math should be logical and exact- the embodiment of order. If you cannot find math to be exact, then what can you find?

Math is an idealization describing the imperfect. Get over it.

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Circles, like all of mathematics are human metaphysical constructions, and should be treated as such.