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Just want to know what philosophers think of them.

show me one properly controlled blind experiment where astrology predicts the future

You need to try it, experience it youself. Not nesseccerily astrology, but all sorts of superstations. To me, they represent the forces of the highly non-material world, while sciences deal with what can be seen, heard, superstations deal with what can’t. Philosophy should deal with both. I mean, if we can deal with something as hardcore as religion, I can’t see why shouldn’t we open our minds to this or anything else.

Why would a philosopher want a properly controlled blind experiment?

I don’t know what to think of astrology in particular, but I am superstitious and I do believe in fate. It all depends on the meaning it holds for you. If you’re thinking about wanting money and your horoscope for Tuesday January 18th says that your investments will yield great wealth, you’re going to pay attention to that horoscope and forget the others. When I get a lame fortune out of a cookie, I always throw it away…

Finally, to know that I’m not alone on this.

Astrology will become involved in the philosophical academia in the future, perhaps in a different name, but that’s what I believe.

you just made my point for me, vort. if it had any substance, it would have a much more universal meaning. ANYTHING can be interpreted as an omen, and they are often conflicting. astrology is all about what you get out of it, kindof like looking at shapes in the clouds. If you wish to attach meaning to a certain arrangement of white fluff, or a certain arrangement of planets as seen from earth, then go right ahead. But don’t pretend it wasn’t you doing the attaching.

“Attaching meanings”, that reminds me more of philosohy.

Philosophical Libras:






Astrology is just as good as black magic, voodoo, witchcraft, and alchemy.

I could of swore rational people quit believing in this trash sometime in the late 18th century. Way to devolve, assholes.

To anyone who utterly disbelieves/hates astrology and other superstations:

Within the boundaries of Philosophy, the best you can ever do is argueing endlessly in an online forum like this. Peace and respect.

What on earth are you saying? There is no arguement, astrology is bunk. As i said, there has not been a shred of real evidence to support it.

To discover (before you judge) astrology, you need to open up your mind about the concept of evidence. I’m not asking you to be a hardcore Christian, who reckons that a hill or a tree could represent the existence of God easily. I’m asking you to use your own life, start by examing the predictive power of horoscope, zodiac etc.

Astrometeorology is the extent of astrological prediction I’m willing to accept. Astrology was the first science, and there are levels of truth that don’t accurately predict something but rather give a broad guideline.

Horoscopes are bullshit and give a bad name to the study of the heavens. There is no such thing as planetary bodies influencing the course of someone’s life.

“Planet bodies”, “course of life”… Seems no connection at all. It’s just the way you put/think it, makes sounding all so simply and planely nonsense.
Good reasoning doesn’t stop at defining entities into a couple of names/titles. Everything is infinitely complex in nature, the deeper you look, the further you go, the more you know.

Astrology is of course measurable. It claims that ‘celestial bodies’ influence people.

The influence is measurable, and so are the ‘celestial bodies’. A straightforward count and measurement will show an effect, if one exists.

For example, if the claim is that ‘Virgos’ lead more dangerous lives, it is possible to count the people who are killed or injured avery year, and to plot that result against their star sign (or whatever).

Proving or disproving it should not be more complicated than that. And even if the effect is only small, it will show up.

I’m conducting a projest right here called “make you a believer”, for anybody who voted “stupid”.

Tell me your sign, and I’ll tell you about you, and you’ll know…

im a leo, go ahead

Hi, leo my man, check this out:

the Fiery Leo Character

Leo THE LION is the sign of the ruler, the king
Leo is expansive, generous and caring. They revel in love affairs and all things romantic. Leo is passionate, demonstrative and likes nothing better than being spoiled by those they love.
Happiness knows no bounds for the Leo in love!

The bright side
The bright side of Leo is very bright indeed, “sunny side up” they are very much attuned to the life giving properties of our Sun itself. The typical Leo is flamboyant and generous with tremendous charm and a magnanimous spirit. The fixed quality of this sign does help to restrain a large dose of over-exuberance. Leos are loyal, self assured, hard working, and great organisers (only if they can be boss!)

Creative, generous, enthusiastic, organized (if bothered), broad minded, expansive, dramatic.

The dark side
The dark side of Leo creeps out usually when they are, (or think that they are) being ignored. Sulking results when they are not the absolute centre of attention. Leo will drum up some scene both good and bad to get attention, any attention! Leos can be very self opinionated, bombastic, and overbearing. One of Leos most noted traits is too much pride, leading to pomposity and snobbery. The other noted negative trait is being far to touchy, touchy about everything. When Leos pride and feelings are hurt the temperature drops, they become very touchy and retire to their throne.

Proud, jealous (sibling rivalry starts here), vain, bullying, pompous, snobbish, intolerant, dogmatic, stubborn, patronising, egotistical, conceited.

Backache, palpitations, fainting, blood disorders, fevers, dizziness heart problems, pill-popping.

Beneficial foods
Oranges and peas.

You are most compatible with
Gemini - full of laughter.
Aries - memorable.
Cancer - loving.
Libra - great fun.
Capricorn - it will be short, but sweet.

Absolutely no chance!
Scorpio - a clash of the big egos.
Virgo - a difficult match.
Leo - a battle of the wills.
Aquarius - difficult but entertaining!

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is Aquarius

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Mr. Toad, of wind in the willows
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Someplace you know?
New York State
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As for today, you’re advised not to compromise yourself, but to expose yourself, and let others understand you better, no matter how others might act towards you. So, give me your honest view about all this.

For your information, I voted “has some truth.” What I was talking about when I said “horoscopes are bullshit” was mainly “daily horoscopes.” The broadness and often inapplicability of them are dissapointing and sad. Anotherwords, the planetary bodies actually affecting you on a daily basis, or at all, is whack in my opinion. The only sense of it all is when you are born under a sign, its affect leaves it mark on you. The sign you are born with applies those traits to your personality, forming the basis for your actions and fate.

While we’re on the subject, I’m a Capricorn, and I know a great deal about my inner self. I also happen to know a great deal about Librans, as I have a brother who is one, and Librans are prone to procrastination.