Astrology, horoscopes.....

Ok my sister is really interested in astrology, horoscopes and psychic readings, and it is pretty interesting stuff. Is there any validity or science behind astrology and stuff of that sort? I’ve had a few friends say their planetary sign (aires, scorpio, etc) reflects exactly the kind of person they are. Do you think the stars can influence our perspective of life and our personality?


No. From what I’ve seen predictions only come true because people make them (even subconciously) and many things are said that you could see that something would have happened after the event occurs. Not very solid ground but it does have promise and it is always fun to listen to.

Think about it. Of course not.

I have found over the past few years than astrology can be useful in gaining insight into personality. The psychologist Carl Jung also used astrology as a tool in his practice.

I don’t think there is a causal relationship but a useful coincidence.

There is a naturally occurring variation in human temperament that happens to take place on a yearly cycle. The position of stars provides a map that corresponds to this temperament variation. The position of stars and planets don’t cause your temperament, but it indicates where you fall in the natural cycle of variations.

Now a whole personality results from the interaction of natural temperament with environment so astrology is only one tool in understanding personality.

As far as predicting your future, your own brain does a better job of that than astrology.

If we want to know the future we should look at our present situation. In truth that is all a seer will do. Everything effects everything, so of course the way the planets were aligned when you were born would have had a certain effect on you, and the way they are aligned now also. But these like all externals have a purpose, to see ourselves - when we can see ourselves we can transform ourselves - then we transcend astrology - it is also part of this physical energetic realm.

Re LiquidAngel’s and Xander’s message:

Cool stuff, I would have never thought. What is the natural cycle of variations? In what sense do you talk about astrology when you talk about “transending astrology”? As a kid growing up I was always intrigued by the stars and the moon. This info is like gold to me :slight_smile: Can you recommend any books on what you explained.


There are a million books to read on the subject, take your pick. You will begin to understand astrology, you will start to see the bigger picture, and everything will begin to become clear from a certain perspective. You will say to yourself – ah, I never thought of it like that before - but still, it is just another distraction. If you want to know anything at all, you should begin by knowing yourself. That way you can know everything – everything exists within you.