Greetings, it’s been a while.

Pantheopsychic Comics Issue 3 Part One of Part One is available. Here’s the cover:

Due to size restrictions for art in ILP, I’ve decided to place issues in other sites, and present the link to see the comics here.

For large scale, undivided art for this issue view here:

Enjoy, and thank you for your patronage all these years. It means a lot.

Jay M. Brewer
Pantheopsychic Philosopher,
Austin, Texas

Thanks for sharing…

One of my familiars said that sin, as a concept, is hate oriented.
AE : Someone hates sin or sinners.
If you are completely without hate or judgement, sin becomes a temporary, natural thing,
which everyone encounters from time to time.
Giving up the idea of sin makes you less scared, negative, etc.
That’s the theory anyway.

sounds good but I have to consider the possibility that it nevertheless objectively exists and is defined according to Ohio power rather than man.

sounds good but I have to consider the possibility that it nevertheless objectively exists and is defined according to Ohio power rather than man.

The imagination needs to be somewhat amoral in order to work properly.
“Psychological Sin” seems like a miss-judgement in how the mind works and what the mind needs.
Small amounts of hate, lust, etc. Are natural. They have an instinctive purpose.
You can kill 10000 dudes on a game,
but not kill a single person in real life.
Which is worse?
Killing 10000 game characters, one 1 human physical life?
It’s obvious.

JW teach it is very bad to play violent video games.

I think sometimes people take morality too far,
and become sin-haters.
Which is a sin itself.

Where do the drawings and art works in this come from? Do you make them all? Do you have any of them?

Have you considered getting Midjourney involved? Or another AI software?

Does all Art/artwork have to echo realism?

If I be honest, I’m bored of the look of AI art already… or is this all about having to now sell AI-art packages to that Industry, as well as other art/design industries?

Of course not, what does that have to do with the text you’re replying to?

K, cool.

Flannel Jesus:

I gather my material from free online comic art, generally that of the 40’s and 50’s as well as stock art from the internet and combine them into amalgamations that reflect the content of the discussion. I ensure all art satisfies the legal definition of “Fair use”, namely, the legal use of copyright and free domain work as long as you transform them in a way in which they are obviously distinct from their original appearance, and you do not profit from your presentation.

Phenomenal Graffiti


The concept of “man invented God” notwithstanding, which of course would be true if God did not objectively exist, faith in the existence of God and faith that that which one imagines the God considers “sin” is objectively “sin” per se (the punishment of being, as opposed to common belief in eternal hell, actually eternal death or cessation of consciousness), regardless of what a human may “morally” think about sin, it is a problem with the God in question, a problem that He will remove through either lobotomy…or euthanasia.