at look at where we are today.. 12-31-2021

As this is the last day of the year, I thought I would look at
where we are, right now, in social, collective terms…
not on a personal level, but where we are as a society,
a state, a culture…

we have two schools of thought, one is for increased globalization,
and the other to an increase in what I will call tribalism…

the dividing line between much of what is conservative thought
and what is Liberal thought… to my way of thinking, as a liberal,
that the conservative, as usual, is fighting the last battle, the last war…
what they can’t see or realize yet, is that, for better or worse,
globalism has already won… we live in a global world right now…
where I can see events in real time all across the globe… I recall
watching the fire consume the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris,
in real time… how is that not living in a global world? where events
that happen thousands of miles away are instantly seen by millions
all over the globe, as it happens…and take this for granted today…
later tomorrow, I will be watching the Golden State Warriors play
basketball in Utah… that is roughly 800 miles from me…
and I won’t even notice that fact…it is assumed, taken for granted…
and the grapes my wife loves, comes from Chile this time of year,
and the fish she eats comes from Vietnam or Alaska…how is this not global

Ok, you might say the world is one economically, but I don’t want
a politically united world… but if we take communism and capitalism
seriously, then we must admit that the political matters far less then
the economic…both capitalism and communism say that the
substructure of the world is economic, not political…
and in fact, Marx makes this point specifically… as Adam Smith
does indirectly…part of the confusion for the conservative is that
they are unable to think about the political and the economic
as separate entities…they mix the two up into one… poltical/economics
as one entity… but they are two distinct and separate entities…

we can mix and match various political organizations and economic
structures… in other words, we can have a monarchy, as a political entity,
and socialism/communism, as a economic entity working in the same country…

or we can have, economically, capitalism and as a political structure,
a dictatorship…the point is you can mix and match the political
structure of a society and have another completely different
economic structure…in fact, the failure of communism is that
the Soviet Union tried to make an economic system work
as a political system… you can’t make an economic system
work as a political system, or the other way around…
this is the failure of both the left and the right… trying to make
economic systems function as political entities…or visa versa…

but let us think about what the local conservatives like UR and
gLOOM seem to be asking for? Both have publicly stated that they
want liberals/democrats to be punished, thrown in jail, and even
executed… and to what end? to create their own version of
a utopia…one without liberals… to their minds, the problem with
the current universe is liberals/democrats… but in their hatred of
liberals, they fail to see that the modern world, the one we all live
in is in fact, a liberal creation…the thing they pretend to follow,
the Constitution is a liberal document as is the Declaration of
Independence… both were written at the end of the
Enlightenment period and both contained many Enlightenment
ideals and understandings…even the idea of capitalism is a
liberal idea… which has gone wrong, seriously wrong…
anyway, democracy is a liberal idea… and discussed by such
Enlightenment thinkers like Spinoza, Voltaire, Locke,
Lord Shaftesbury, Ralph Cudworth, David Hume… to name a few…
(These ideas are best discussed by the writer, Johathan Israel)

Since the Enlightenment period, the profound hated the conservative
has for Enlightenment has no bounds…the enlightenment ideal of
‘‘Sapere aude’’ is truly despised by the conservative…for a conservative
truth is revealed, not found by man…to their very core, conservative
hate this notion of ‘‘dare to know’’’ for it takes away the very foundation
that the conservative which is that we live in a hierarchical world…
that there is a top, god, and various level thereafter descending
down and the conservative holds, assumes, that in a hierarchal world
the conservative holds a place of honor in the top rank of this
assumed hierarchical world… and everyone else is beneath,
below them…the enlightenment ideal that

‘‘all men are created equal’’

is anathema to the conservative…that is why income inequality
isn’t the problem for the conservative that is for the liberal…
it is assumed that those with wealth, deserve their wealth
as wealth is seen as a sign of favor from god himself…
and any look at history tell us that one of the major forces
revolutions is this income inequality…even in ancient
Greece, there were several revolutions attempted by
the poor to dethrone the wealthy upper class…
and, in part, the turn to democracy by Athens was an attempt
to defuse the anger of the lower class against the upper class…
to prevent the wave of revolutions that at one time, swept ancient
Greece…against the wealthy class…

today, we stand at the brink of another class warfare, of the
mass of poor/ middle class against the upper class…

what has delayed this class warfare has been a leader
who will clearly state the case against the upper class…
once a leader is found, the next round of class warfare
is on…

if one looks at the ‘‘deplorables’’ we can see that in one sense,
this class warfare has already begun…look at who the
IQ45 followers already hate, the ‘‘elites’’, the state or as they call it,
‘‘the deep state’’… they hate the media, they hate science, logic,
reasoning, medicine, the tools are in place for class warfare to
begin…when it is thought the upcoming “civil war” will be
the trumpistas vs the liberals, this is a stand in for the real war,
which is the poor, of which is IQ45 base, and the perceived
wealthy, which is the liberals “elite” of California and the east coast…

in other words, IQ45 has been drumming up class warfare since the
beginning of his presidential run…and his hope is to ride this class
warfare to a dictatorship of America…with him as dictator…

the answer to this call for class warfare is the same as always,
greater, increased political and economic participation by
all classes… especially economically…if we are to treat
economics as both Marx and Smith did, as the driver of
everything human…the substructure of humanity being
the economic… a statement that I happen to disagree with…
but that is neither here or there…

the trick to the freedom we human beings need and want and, and
deserve begin with the demotion of the economic being the driver
of what it means to be human and the elevation of seeking
the possibilities of being human…

in America, the height of what it means to be human, lies
within the economic sphere and we can’t allow that…
for that devalues/dehumanizes us and that is nihilism…

the path to becoming human, fully human lies in
putting the economic lives we have, as a part of, but
only a small part of who we are…instead of being the
entire focus of modern America and being the entire
aspect of what it means to be human…

to return to one point made already…this return to
tribalism that exists today… that path has been tried
and we have overcome it, there is no future in tribalism
because it lies in our past, not in our future…

the past is not what we need to become, we need to reach into
the future and become that which is required for us to become
the next step in human evolution… which is found in globalism,
just not the economic globalism that we see today, but we must
go the next step in human evolution…which is to say, we must engage
in globalism as the next step politically…
in other words, we engage in globalism politically,
we vote as members of the human race, not as members
of a nation or state… we increase what it means to
be human politically by taking the next step of being human,
by become universally united politically… we vote as a block,
thus we would begin by us voting as a block with Canada and Mexico
and then increase that to include South America and then the entire
western world and then we vote as a world… as one… that is the future
of what it means to be human… that we act collectively, as one,
not just economically as we do today, but politically, socially,
philosophically… that is the future of human existence…
and it will happen, not today and not tomorrow but
at one point in time, it will happen…
and there is no stopping this turn of events because it is
the next, natural, logical step of human evolution…


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As you know, PK is insane, he just makes it up as he goes along out of thin air, he substantiates nothing.
I don’t think he’s ever felt the need to substantiate anything he’s ever thought or said in his entire life.
He’s probably just projecting his own antipathy towards conservatives onto us.

The problem is that he’s promulgating lies to other demons, like shieldmaiden, sculptor, ww3.
They’re feeding each other and stirring hate within themselves.
They suffer no ramifications for their delusions and lies.
And they seek-out scapegoats for their fear-laden corpses.

Make no mistake, Gloom, these demons will not stop short of war. Fortunately for us, they are cowards at the deepest level.

annnnd back to reality…

part of the driver of the globalism to come is the technology we
have and the technology we will have…

I pointed out the technology that allow us to witness events thousands
of miles away… this allows connections that didn’t exist before…
but the real breakthrough in connecting the world is in computers
and the internet…despite the conservative need to sort humans into
us vs them, (recall that it is liberals that hold that “all men are created equal”,
not conservatives) the conservative need to hold the world as an hierarchical
world, where some people are better than others, based on such false
ideals as wealth, blood, nationality…whereas the liberal denies this,
that some people are better than everyone else… we are all born equal…

The liberal holds that people are equal, politically, socially, and
with some justification, economically… witness the fact that
idiots like IQ45 and bush Jr. became president, due to wealth, not
to the fact they were the best people for the job…neither bush or IQ45,
has enough intelligence to be anything other than a gas station attendant…
and had they been born into a middle class or poor family, they both would
have been justly ignored and never heard of…for they do not have the skill or talents
or intelligence to do anything remotely worth the effort to notice…
and yet Obama did have the intelligence to become something,
as did Clinton and as did Biden… in fact, thinking about it,
the last few democratic presidents came from the middle class
whereas the last few GOP presidents came from wealth…
the two Bushes came from wealth, as did the village idiot that is
IQ45…this says something interesting about where the democratic
party is and where the GOP is…

anyway, back to the point of technology…
we are being connected in ways we have even noticed before…
the cell phone, the computer, the internet… we are connected
world wide… I regularly e-mail a poster here from England,
and we have connected by technological methods that wasn’t
available 30 years ago…even think about the connection that exists
within ILP… I engaged with people from Australia, UR, I connect with
people from Russia, Observe, I connect with people from Canada, gLOOM,
on not only a daily basis, but within seconds of a post, I can receive a
reply… this connection that we have today, can only lead us to
a better understanding of what it means to be human…

we can connect in ways not possible a couple of decades ago
and that connection can bring us closer to together, socially,
politically, economically, philosophically, culturally…

this connection that we are forging every single day, can only lead
us to bringing the world together in ways, we can’t even imagine right now…

it has been my experience, that much more then conservatives, liberals
tend to travel to other countries and other cultures… and in doing so,
we can expand, in our minds and soul, what it means to be human…
unlike conservatives, I do consider the French as people, as I consider
the English as people and I consider the, so called enemy Russians,
as just another people… what connects us is more profound than
what separates us… the conservatives see the differences between
people, the liberal see what connects us together… recall, we hold
that “all people are born equal” and the centerpiece of liberal belief
lies in this notion of the natural equality of people…

when I look at people, I don’t see red, white or blue, I don’t see color or
race or nationality or sexual orientation, I just see people who have
the same needs, wants and desires as I do…people who want to be loved
and to love someone else… I see people who want safety and security, just
as I do, and I see people who want to be esteemed and valued… just as I do…

the difference between people is skin deep, literally,
what is on the inside is vastly more important and
has more value than anything we might be able to see…

the conservative can only see the differences between people,
the liberal sees what people have in common…
and we have far more in common, than we do in
our differences… when an Italian sings their national anthem,
showing their love of country, how is that any different than when
I sing the American national Anthem… but I say that we are not connected
just about country or love of country, we are connected by virtue of
being human…regardless of our allege differences…

and until the conservative can say, us instead of breaking everyone down
into us vs them, until then we cannot complete the road to peace and
happiness…the only way we can create a better world is by us, not
by, us vs them…

that is the utopia we should be building for, not to kill or jail those
who think differently or love differently or believe differently…
but to hold that which we have in common, to have a much greater
value then what we seem to be differently, either in looks, or
color or sexual orientation, or in our values…

we are equal, and we should act like that is true, because
it is true…that is the utopia we should be aiming for…

a land where everyone is equal, economically, socially, politically,
culturally, and philosophically…

that is what we should be fighting for and living for and if needed, to die for…


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Finally gets a response


Hold off on the hell threats UR.

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These scumbags want a fight. Better bring an army.

I know what it’s like to be that angry and to multiply hells.

Doesn’t work out too well.

Anger is appropriate at times (duh). But multiplying it is not where you want to go. You’re not thinking straight.

I’ve done it many times in my life.

I know the terrain and the territory.

Life is all about friends. Never forget that.

this is like what happens when you try to talk to a right winger about 1/6