At The Bar.

Ah, yes. I see.

Fifth shot.

Sixth shot. Double shot…

Tenth shot…

Okay …

Twelfth shot. Feeling slightly buzzed…

Fourteenth shot. Get kinda tipsy now. Not quite thoroughly drunk though.

Seventeenn shotss…getting there

What time is it?

It’s 5’oclock somewhere!

Here it is 12:26 am.

Are you feeling okay now?

Ahhhh, fuck, I’ve lost count. Shitttt…

Goodnight EVerybody!



Best way to get drunk is on an empty stomach, and doubles are always recommended;)

He is going to end up tied to the inside of a barn naked, with a pissed off gay mormon whipping him. Always starts this way, gotta stay away from Wyoming.

You’ll get over her Laughingman…….

So, you wake up in a strange casino hotel room the next day with a really terrible hangover and…

Indian Casino?

Only in your own homosexual fantasies Turd. [-X