At The Bar.

I’m currently at the bar trying to get drunk. On my first drink now.

I’ll report my progress here as I go on overtime.

Second shot of Vodka. Still not drunk yet.



Are you listening to music now?

No, just zoning out wishing I was on another planet. Cheers.

Third shot of Vodka. No effect. Not There yet.

A bar without music?


Where are you?

There’s music I’m just not paying attention to it. I am in my own little world…

Fourth shot.

Ah, yes. I see.

Fifth shot.

Sixth shot. Double shot…

Tenth shot…

Okay …

Twelfth shot. Feeling slightly buzzed…

Fourteenth shot. Get kinda tipsy now. Not quite thoroughly drunk though.

Seventeenn shotss…getting there

What time is it?

It’s 5’oclock somewhere!