At The Bar.

Here it is 12:26 am.

Are you feeling okay now?

Ahhhh, fuck, I’ve lost count. Shitttt…

Goodnight EVerybody!



Best way to get drunk is on an empty stomach, and doubles are always recommended;)

He is going to end up tied to the inside of a barn naked, with a pissed off gay mormon whipping him. Always starts this way, gotta stay away from Wyoming.

You’ll get over her Laughingman…….

So, you wake up in a strange casino hotel room the next day with a really terrible hangover and…

Indian Casino?

Only in your own homosexual fantasies Turd. [-X


Have you ever wanted to see a clown drunk? :smiley: :wink:

sighs This is why I hardly ever get intoxicated…Happens extremely rarely.


His closetness is showing and growing. Almost all of his new posts have the topic of penises or male nudity in it.

He’s coming out of the closet. Broke Back Turd Mountain. :laughing:


How are you?

broke back dirt bike mounting

Nursing a hangover. Other than that, I’m fine.

Caused by how many shots of Vodka?

Okay. That is the main thing.

^^^ arm…you better be a woman…