At the end, will the world be white or black?

The skin color that is.

IF everyone eventually mates, interracial couples, it will produce a dark medium color, will that be it?

Will the world be in an ice age, where everyone on earth be white?

OR will the sun become a super giant frying everyone, and everyone will have dark skin?

We will end up with pink skin, Eventually the surviving humans will have to burrow underground. If we make it to another planet chances are we will have create underground cities. So all skin will eventually turn pink.

we end up as ash


Why do you think there are only blacks and whites on the planet ?

The genes man the genes.

Which are dominant !

either white or black. in this case if you mix a white person and a black person you do not get a gray man, but a medium brown man.

The closer to the cold areas the whiter the skin, the hotter the climate the darker the skins.

Maybe we were orginnaly all black, the african theory.

Yeah, actually, dan’s question isn’t that silly.

Could you explain more about the pink skin, kriswest? I agree that melanin will lose its necessity if we begin to live more underground - which is likely (especially in space stations). But I also believe our muscles will gain more twitch fibers because of its benefits for dexterity (the kind found in blacks). Maybe one day we really will see white basketball players again. But not until after we hear all the superficial paranoid rednecks whine about blacks taking over all the sports because they’re simply built more physically capable.

Here’s a thought- will geneticists ever consider chlorophyll in the skin, to help us become independant of plants, a large benefit? In that case, we would be all green. I think that’d be pretty cool. I could so do a green girl.

finally, someone who is rational. :laughing:

The entire human population will never be the same skin color. As for which color there will be more of, what does it matter?

It all has to do with environmental and climate conditions. Humans will end up looking like what best suits the environment. This will especially be true if the planet runs out of energy and people return to a primative mode of living.

However, if people remain indoors then racial mixing might have an effect. However, you do have to account for the fact that certain races do not find each other very attractive. Recently on I was reading, I’m not a member so don’t get jealous ILP people, a thread asking about black and white dating. It seemed that most of the white males find black women to be ugly. I would bet that Asian men would report the same thing. So, that could indicate that certain types of people have little chance of spreading their genes over time.

However, I certainly can imagine a future filled with pale Keanu Reeves people.

Black women ugly? Thats harsh. Does that include brown women?

That was the basic thrust of the responses. I assume that it had less to do with color and more to do with bones structure.

So all black woman has a gross bone structure? Or do you implied the judgment is the face or body? This I will say, it is normal and usual for a man to judge. But what happens if the person is blind, how does he judge?

it will be red… the color of blood will paint the world…

it will probablly still be both, there will still be those with darker skin in warmer climates and those with lighter skin in cooler climates, if you are more going for the average color it will probablly be more like tan as a result uf the racial blending, if you want a good example look at current day hibreads.

U say it is red is it because it is halloween month.
u say it is tan and be the same, but how can that be, if there is no more sun, or the sun became a supergiant.

Then again what are the new bodies that the bible say?

we will be purple . . . why?

I don’t know, I just like that color. . . green would be good too. that’s a great response

on a serious note, those who remain on planet earth will all be black,

as the planet get’s closer to burning out etc, human skin will darken with the intensity of the sun, and humans will either adapt to the heat physically or technologically or die. (that is assuming humans survive much longer)

Right now, the U.S. is withholding over 100 million for AIDS funding in africa. And the rest of the white world is not doing much better, so it seems like the white people are not killing the blacks, in this regard, they are simply “watching and letting” them die, which in my book is pretty equal to . . . killing.

But beware white man (including myself) the sun will make us all black sooner or later. =D>


I don’t trust anyone who has a doctors degree.


if everyone eventually going to be black, then why is there hate?

I don’t trust doctors degree’s too much either.

There is hate, because humans are el mucho el stupido!!