Just a friendly thread about alcohol, firearms, tobacco and explosives.

Personally, I like them all.

In fact, I have my own bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives. It’s a chest of drawers where I keep hobby equipment.

I’m cool with the first three.

I’m not really a fan of explosives in the wrong hands.


I’m not a fan of any of them in the wrong hands.

You know, it’s been a minute since I really was interested in a particular thread here. I mean, philosophy, at some point or another actually does get boring and redundant, (even to a guy with absolutely no short term memory at all). But I like this thread because ever since I was a little kid, I was trained to fear the ATF. I was the only kid in my class at school who knew about Ruby Ridge.

Alcohol… not a total lover of it, but I do usually drink at least a beer or 2 a day. It’s been a very long time since I was actually drunk. And hey, they finally passed a law in Alabama raising the permissible ABV from 5.9 to 13.9%, which means there’s alot of beer that I can get here now which I no longer have to drive to Atlanta to get. Normally I would make trips about once a month and just fill up my trunk with good beer and hope that it lasted until I had time to get back and re-up.

Tobacco… I hate to say it, but I’m up to at least 2, sometimes 2 1/2 packs a day. I literally smoke a cigarette about every 15 minutes, even at work. If I take a 15 minute drive, I probably smoke 2. Hey, at least I’m not chewing tobacco or smoking too many cigars, (unless someone is kind enough to provide me with something fancy and foreign which I would smoke simply to be able to say that I have).

Firearms… Now that’s my real favorite. Without going into too much of my personal life, it was supposed to be the case that I inherit about 40 guns which are locked in a safe in a place to which I now have no access, and luckily for me, the person who technically “owns” them, doesn’t know how any of them work, or which bullets go in which ones, or the combination to the safe for that matter, because the safe does in fact belong to me. I remember when I was a kid before I had a driver’s license sitting around for three weeks out of the month reloading 20 different types of rounds until I literally had a couple thousand to just go and shoot all in one weekend. I’ve still got dies and molds and presses and powder and all that stuff, but no guns to really shoot them out of. As a matter of fact, the only firearms that I currently possess are a ruger mini 30, a keltec 380, a thompson 1911 .45, and a daisy model 8 .22. (google the daisy, I got it for my 5th christmas when other kids were getting bb guns. I’m a lifetime member of the NRA. I could really go on and on and on, but hell eventually it’d stop making sense. I’m looking right now for a new ar15, or possibly an ar10. I’m sitting on about 3000 rounds of ammo for the few guns I’ve got and I’m probably going to the range this week to show up the hunters who think they’re supposed to sight in a rifle with it mounted on a bench. I mean, I dunno. Fuck it.

Speaking of cigars, have you ever tried a, “Cuban Mistake?”

I just had one a few weeks ago, smooth as Hell.

Nice post, Smears, and thanks for playing. I don’t drink much anymore, either. I have a bottle of good but inexpensive madeira in the house right now, and a few cans of beer left over from a shooting session. Yeah, I know, alcohol doesn’t mix with guns - unless you have some weed to go with it. Yee-hah!

Right now I have a Walther P22, a Walther PPS in 9MM, a Winchester 1300 shotty and a 10/22 wearing a Tapco tacticool stock. Love to have an AR. Looking for a great deal first, though.

I don’t “stock up on” ammo anymore - maybe have two thousand rounds total. Ammo is readily available again, for the most part. Same in Alabama?

I just started making cigarettes with one of those injector machines and loose tobacco. Saving a ton of money (like maybe fifty bucks a carton - Maine taxes the living shit out of cigarettes) and I like the cigarettes better. I can pack some tight for the morning and do some loose ones for at night when my lungs are shot and I can hardly get a pull.

I jest.

I don’t have any explosives right now.

My bad.


A carton here isn’t even fifty dollars to begin with! West Virginia is about $10 cheaper a carton than Ohio and Missouri is about $10 cheaper than that.

Maine never met a tax, or a social welfare program that it didn’t like. We used to have a snack tax. I shit you not. You can google it.

Oh yeah, explosives.

All I can say is, the anarchists cookbook is for teenagers. Even in the world of related literature, there are far superior sources of information. Plus with any common sense and a little ingenuity…um, yeah nevermind.

I remember you telling me about it once, and your word is good enough for me. Unless it relate to a Philosophical or Social matter where I happen to disagree, of course.

I suppose a snack tax isn’t quite as bad as the state of affairs in West Virginia. They have a blanket 6.5% sales tax. Vegetables, food, water, nothing is excluded.

Sales tax totals at something like 9% in Birmingham. Cigarettes are $4.99 total at the store across the street from here. Gas is $2.51.

I’m at $2.69 for gas, and probably in the Mid-Fours for a pack of Marbs.

Let’s do ten other items just to see.

1.) Gallon of Milk

Off-Brand-$1.99, United Dairy (Or Equivalent) $3.69

2.) Dozen Large Eggs

Any Brand- $1.09

3.) Regular Candy Bar

Most Brands- $0.59

4.) 20 oz Coke

Coke- $1.29

5.) Twelve-Pack Coke (Cans)

Coke- $4.99

6.) Loaf of Bread

Off-Brand $0.89 Nickles (Or Equivalent) $1.49

7.) 24 Rolls of Toilet Paper

Generic-$5.99, Charmin/Angel Soft-$7.99

8.) Dozen Donuts

Most bakeries-$4.99

9.) Bag of Doritoes


10.) Gallon of Orange Juice

Generic-$3.49 Tropicana-$5.49

Smears -


I pay as much as $7 and change for smokes here, and eight bucks in Massachusetts. I can’t guess what they are in downtown Boston.


No wonder more blankets are sold in Indiana! (I looked it up.)



EDIT: Actually, now that I think about it it stands to reason. Indiana has a much higher population.

Pav, I think that if we were to track the price differences from one area to another of the things that everyone has to have like doritos and cigarettes, we’d find that there’s a government conspiracy with dorito and toilet paper companies to control commerce in certain areas on certain goods which is part of a massive experiment on the general public and that it’s all very, very unethical.

Well, I guess we don’t have a lot of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives enthusiasts here.

I’m looking at a DPMS .308 w/ picatinny (sp)? rails all around and a flat top with no stock sights. Powdercoated bull barrel, forward assist. MMmmmmmmmmm…

Hmm… no forward assist…I wonder if I could get it as an option…

I saw a new CETME for $575 the other day. I almost put my gas bill money down on it, but it’s been getting colder lately.

Well, do you really need a forward assist? Are you going to use it in a very dirty environment? A FA has its pros and cons, of course.

I’ve seen CETME’s for less than that, I think. Still doesn’t have that tacticool factor that an AR does.

Then again, I don’t have 1200.00 for a proper AR.

How much is a soul worth? If I could find mine, I’d sell it. Not really using it for anything.