Atheism is not nihilism

Atheists can believe in things other than God.

You mean like laws and stuff?

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I don’t think that’s a highly contentious statement. Umm…do you?


Yeah, like leftist morality. :unamused:

Hahaha! Do you remember me?

Anyway, I mean like noble ideals that, although they may be similar to religion, have no resemblance to the traditional tenets of religion whatsoever.

For example- immortality, FTL travel.

Should this statement be taken to mean that you believe leftist morality doesn’t actually exist? Not surprising if you’re actually a nihilist I suppose–btw, how do you justify scorning things if you’re a nihilist?


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Now you can argue with someone :laughing:

As to the topic…Buddhism is an example of a (usually) non-theistic religion. Do you really mean to be arguing that religion isn’t the only method of assigning universal metaphysical value to existence, or do you just wish to detract from the necessity of belief in God in human life? Either way I agree with you.

I mean neither. An atheist can still believe in worthy causes, stripped of any religious affiliation.

OK. Can you guys kindly tell me how to properly quote someone?

Thanks for your reply, Ditto,

I can attest that an atheist may approach his life with a devout reverence. He may love and feel that he is loved in a wider sense and degree than the virtue bearing this name is commonly held to delimit. He may locate within himself - and come to treasure - a sense of compassion that generates priceless value where no value whatsoever formerly existed.

The skygods of men are jealous, vengeful and praise-hungry. The assignation of the source of this deeply beautiful and complex world to a disjointed and one-dimensional fable reeks of blasephemy. I’d rather a queen would curtsey before a harlot than have what I hold dear genuflect to such a fetid myth.

“It is common knowledge - no, if it is common, it isn’t knowledge, - it is widely bruited abroad that worshippers exist, by the tens, the thousands, loyal to the law, as patriotic as a standing prick, full of cross-my-heart and-hope-you-die desires, pious folks who do indeed adopt an attitude of worship, light candles, tell beads, go about in a beanie, can you imagine? wear black and bind their breasts, cover their lips, only let their eyes peek upon the world, bind feet, circumcise, scarify, flagellate, fire rifles at the sky, eat only vegetation, only meat, only blood sausage, water their wine, catsup their fries, religiously wipe their ass with soft quilty clouds of pillow feathers,…they, those who have such a bent, they, since they worship by the tens, the thousands, in the morning, in the evening, kneeling east, praying may God kill everyone who ain’t like me, doesn’t like me, slay those who believe Darwin, read Freud, think Marx, feel de Sade, O Lord, salt their earth, sterilize their cattle, dewomb their wives, dedickie an entire generation of their hairy males, X out their smart-ass sugar mouthed kids…” William Gass, Were There Anything in the World Worth Worship

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To actually post some philosophy: Polemarchus, do you think all religious people fall prey to this blasphemy? I, for example, consider myself a theist, and yet I don’t feel like I limit what existence is, what God is, to something one-dimensional. For that matter, I don’t limit God with any definite dimensions or distinctions, except unity and all-inclusiveness (as in including all of the universe, not politically correct), which I don’t consider limits at all.

I’ve forgotten the exact quote, but Nietzsche said something to the effect of :

A word without God is a world without…

Must we require a God to give sanctity to life?

That we require a God to give value-

I forget the exact quote, but-

My point is, the concept of value is arbitrary. We create our system of values, not God.

By making an “Afterlife” sacred, we devalue the Beforelife.

And the Afterlife is little more than an illusion-that there is something greater than the Beforelife (which, of course, there isn’t).

It’s very good to see you back, Polemarchus. Where’ve you been hiding out?



Hi Phaedrus,

Thank you so much for the welcome.

Where have I been? I’ve been spending gobs of free-time in my electronics lab where I’m developing a hair-brained and perfectly useless idea for a novel variable reactance (parametric) amplifier and frequency converter. In other words, I’ve been listening to hear the grass grow and the squirrel’s heart beat. Well, you know…

“…hearing the grass grow and the squirrel’s heart beat, we should die of that roar which lies on the other side of silence.” Middlemarch

I’ve not been neglecting philosophy entirely. Not so long ago I finished Richard Joyce’s The Myth of Morality, and Teleological Realism, by Scott Sehon.


Athiesm is not nihilism,but their views of human life and the world have many things in common.
They both deny there is an altimate reason for the existence of the world and I think they are like two brothers.

I can think of many not-so-hair-brained uses for parametric amplification, depending upon the bandwidth and effective amplitude. I’d like to hear more about your work as it might relate to pro or consumer audio. :sunglasses:

Physicists who ponder the beginnings of the universe might disagree.

Physicists who ponder the beginnings of the universe might disagree.

Allot of the atheists which write this ^ – do so as a reaction to the rotten excuse for American culture that they perculate within.

Why do the ideas of brother-hood, virtue and purity get so quickly ignored and replaced by rubbish? You can’t get blood from a rock. Sick and disturbed religions are an extension of an already sick and disturbed culture/nation.

No, they both deny specific alternative reasons for existence; namely, thoose encompassed by the term “theism”. However, many Christians deny all of the other alternative reasons for existence, that doesn’t mean they don’t think there is a reason for existence; same goes for atheists.

Dan~, what makes you so sure America is worse than any other developed nation (or are they all worthy of such contempt in your view?).

Polemarchus, were you generalizing about religious people, or highlighting a danger of religion to which many of its followers succumb?