Atheist for a week/First topic

Phaedrus - and when the cat doesn’t respond as usual, we have another explanation - internal (to the cat) or environmental factors have changed. And this is the march of science. Ever-refined chains of cause and effect. But you are flirting with the ontological proof here, Phaed. “Our greater intellects”. We can see the cat’s folly, because we are of greater intellect than the cat. And our folly?

Also - as soon as you ascribe causative powers in a determined Universe, you do have that little infinite regress issue. Causation as description only doesn’t give us that same headache.

Well, I personally tend to believe humans have freewill. I’m just explaining the argument against it. And it is a bit of a stretch to claim everything in the known universe is governed by pure physical laws except us. I’m sure you feel like you are the master of your mind, but what process is creating that belief?

Anyone who thinks the mind & brain aren’t linked only has to drink a few ounce of alcohol to be disabused of that notion in a hurry. If ultimately all of the lucidity you percieve is the shadow on the wall cast by the electrochemical reactions in your gray matter, why would that structure magically be able to circumvent physical law?

A computer can’t really create a truly “random number.” It appears to do so because the algorithm is complex enough and the sequence huge enough that the process is transparent to us. In other words, it looks random because we’re not capable of seeing the whole pattern. What if nothing in the universe is random? What if it’s all a deterministic pattern that’s just to complex for us to calculate with our present knowledge?