The goal of life is to attain a higher liberated and enlightened state.
This is the purpose of all souls.

We are meant to move up out of the earth and out of this reality into the many heaven realms.
Once we are there we must fight to remain there and avoid religious cults of angellics pulling shit on reality.

True actual progress and evolution on earth doesn’t exist in an individuals life.
Your life is very short and fragile and inflexible.

A spirit even a demon is more advanced than a human and has more going for it.

Decadence happens when a human acquires a false sense of purpose or looses purpose.
Heroin addicts feel a higher state when on the drug, but it is an artificial higher state not true enlightenment.
Adrenaline rushes and empowerment from violence and overpowering weaker beings is also a false sense of enlightenment and elivation.

“Testosterone poisoned Neitszcheans” have a false sense of evolution and elivation of the will also.

Real elevation is almost impossible for an ordinary human to acquire and requires rare magical properties and practices.

Because of our incapacity the best most humans can do is just be nice and moral.
It is beyond them to access higher planes or drastically change their existence.

Attainment is the purpose of the soul which is the ego, as it is meant for the survival paradigm.
The survival paradigm is meant to produce more life and then protect it as it grows stronger, more numerous and more intelligent.
This is the meaning of morality, instincts and the ego aswel.

Humans have a very faulty survival paradigm which turns into self destruction and paracitism aswel.

The earth is a part of one of the hells of inertia.
In the hells of inertia, the slowest and most congested forces accumulate into giant static spheres.
The earth’s soul is a demon queen of inertia and shells.
Earth souls have lost true purpose because they do not elevate into higher dimensions and therefor they remain locked in cycles and dreams.
This is the case and problem with many forms of ghosts. Some are even stupider and more obsessed than humans.

True living is alien and incomprehensible to humans and the earth.
It is ironic that existence needs progress and billions upon billions of souls are stick in this inert hell.
What they need, and they are in the entirely wrong place at the wrong time.

Who benifites from this?
Lucky parasites born with a few powers of influence.
Conditions keep humans and other animals weak and locked into the physical world for years.
Political creatures have used the earth and its souls for many mundane purposes and the disease is thick.

You lost me at “souls”.

The multidimensional living core of energies that is inside of life forms, in many forms and not all the same.
No soul is equal to another.
A human soul is in some ways a mystery to me but i do know it is like a more advanced version of your body, minus the 3d parts.

Let us be clear. The human soul is the human mind. It is the consciousness. It dies with the brain.

C’mon. Get serious. We’re not children. It’s time to let go of “childish things”.

I am fairly sure that what I’ve said is almost 100% accurate.

However, there is the big lie principal, where a bunch of lies and half truths are built up into a complex which surrounds and engulfs the human mind into believing in common places and in large ways things that are not true.

For example, there are allot of people who believe that adam and eve were the first humans on earth directly matrialized by god’s power.
The majority of science is true, but it needs some fixing.
I believe science is neutral about higher planes and about invisible souls and ghosts.

However, what I have said does not defy modern science or go against it.

If you were scientific you would go through the records of NDEs in a large amount, and study it, and try to come up with allot of various theories to explain why it happens, then stick with the theory which seemed most evident and true.

NDEs are very common and it’s been more than once where the near death person sees things in perfect detail in the room or other rooms without having their eyes open or being upstairs etc.

I’m afraid there’s a very close relative of this phenomenon, whereby a skitzophrenic person will see things in perfect detail in the room or other rooms… etc, etc… that don’t exist. Flatly don’t exist.

The mind is a complex thing, no doubt. But the fact that the mind can step out side of itself (to speak metaphorically) should be no more surprising than that the mind can also wonder whether it really should want that bacon cheeseburger. It’s a similar operation. Second-order processes. It’s part of our survival and evolution.

…And means not a thing about soul or fairytales.

I think I’m in love…

Actually if you were scientific you go through all the instances that this happened under scientific circumstances, and find that under no conditions did the person actually identify things that had blatantly been added or removed from the room. Which would tend to support they weren’t actually leaving their body rather than just imagining it.

If I remember correctly someone did an experiment where they placed a random number generator device in the room. No one was able to correctly identify the numbers.

Exactly. NDEs have been extensively researched and are quite explicable in terms of brain chemistry. Childish things, fairy tales - if they provide you with psychological comfort now that you have figured out there is no “sky daddy”, fine. But why not “wake up” (and the use of this term for enlightenment is deliberate) and complete the process. Try suspending credulity, at least for as long as it takes to objectively research such matters. In the end you may just have to leave the matter “open”, awaiting further evidence, but at least your mind will remain free.

Volchok, you are a gentleman and a scholar and I like the way you think.

You remember correctly of course.

To me claiming things not to be isn’t any more reasonable then claiming things not to be, when it comes to questions of God the Afterlive and the Soul. Of coure people try and draw parrallels to Santa etc. to try and make it seem like a more ridiculous topic.

They both seem to offer the same amount of freedom. All depends on the range you take them too, your own temperment and personality etc.

Though I suppose scientifically thats how it works.

But I think it’s limitting to base ones beliefs on science as it is defined alone. But thats up to the individual.

But I don’t see why belittlement is neccessary. Calling them “Childish things”.

Huh? Or, perhaps claiming things not to be?

You are correct. Few would sanction slaughter of human life in the name of Santa Claus. Belief in God is much more serious and potentially dangerous.

“Childish things” is a reference to 1st Corinthians:

“When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.”
Chapter 13, verse 11
“Brethren, be not children in understanding: howbeit in malice be ye children, but in understanding be men.”
Chapter 14, verse 20

I meant , “To me claiming things not to be isn’t any more reasonable then claiming things to be”.

It’s a much greater concept, that finds many adherants, mass murderers being among them. If they think they can reconcile their desire to kill those they dislike with what they see as the word of God, then yes this can set up a very dangerous enviroment.

I’ve never read the Bible perhaps I should, but are the beliefs of children uniform and Global, and why should they all be cast aside?

Perhaps a child may have insight that an adult may not.

This is a good point. The riding assumption with some is that it is better to assume the least. But this hasn’t been tested empirically.

it’s like the only problem is the positive delusion. IOW a belief in something that is not there. Of course there is the opposite version.

And then, I notice, that people never live up to their “the least assumptions” is best hypothesis.

This is where I tend to strongly split from your kind of philosophy. You are saying that the world is a hell from which we could ideally escape. I say that the world is all we have, and that overall it is a positive force that gives purpose to life. We can find happiness, love and true satisfaction in the real world around us, if only we try.