Attention: I am now an Atheist!


…wait for it…


There. Now I’m a theist again.

 I created this thread so that the next time someone implies that they're super reasonable and objective because they used to be a theist and now they aren't, and thus have the benefit of 'seeing it from both sides', I can claim the same, only in reverse. 
 Alright, back to your lives, nothing to see here.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Thinking that there is no higher life or meaning definitely reduces the quality of your mind and thought, but soaking in a televangelist is rather retarding… Such a conflict…

Ucci will figure it out I think, Dan.

Everyone figures it out once they take it in and accept it instead of accepting what half-formed-thing was put into its place.

Too much of it only exists when it’s being held onto and pushed inside, or when it’s pushed away as it flows at a natural, harmless rate.

Too little of it only exists when it’s not connected with.

Most of the things in the universe do not need to be controlled by man, infact, none of them do need to be controlled by man, but man DOES need to control and moderate himself.
When we apply this to “the truth”, it becomes less of a moral oblegation, and more of an artistic observance.

It’s too bad you probably won’t…


Old Gobbo

Here’s hoping!

It’s too bad you probably won’t…

Ucci - you’re a tease.

I’ve figured it all out . . . you are all WRONG.

Only I know the ultimate truth of the athiesm, agnosticism and the theism triange.

Sorry . . .

But, if you send me a check for $25, I might tell you . . .

faust- Guilty as charged. I’m just glad someone admitted to being all worked up!

Yes, well, Ucci is a fun person to be around, IMO.

He probably has more then 5 good friends, unless he lives in a socially degenorate area.

You’ve been around me?
Lemmee see…I have an uncle Dan, and I’m as sure that you’re not him as I am of the shoes on my feet!

Kidding aside, thanks Dan. :slight_smile:

Hey Uccisore,

What if you’ve done it several times? Does experience count?



It’s too bad for you… it’s just too bad.
Maybe we can get you some help.


Most assuredly.

“Help” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Ex: Put the animal out of it’s mysery.
This works well for pets, but your grandma?

Yes, I am talking about moral doublethink.

“Good” protocol isn’t always of any real benifite to the reciever.

In reply to Uccisore:

Great, so my status as an excellent lover is safe…

I mean, my status as atheist aficionado is safe…


Dan, if you don’t want help that cools…


Ucci - naturally, I thought “It’s me, it’s me!” Some passing comment that I made to Ucci struck a nerve!. It got him thinking! The power of philosophy! I am a genius!

And then…heartache.



All is not lost, however.

Philosophy is not, ultimately, about what you believe, but about how you live.

We’re all searching for the best way to live this life.

What we have in common - well, that’s just luck. Good luck, I think.

I’d rather live next door to a Christian like you than across the county from your average atheist idiot, any day.

Well, you already know all this, but,
if the only exposure to atheism I got in life was on this board, then small wonder I’m still a believer! Off the top of my head, the non-theists here who ‘have what it takes’ to convince me would be you, Xunzian, and Obw.

Xunzian thinks religion is too useful and important in society to mess with it.
You’d have to admit to knowing what I mean when I say “God exists” before you could start telling me why I’m wrong. :slight_smile:
Obw- I’m not a good enough philosopher to attract his attention yet, I don’t think. Someday, we’ll see how that goes.

I’m probably forgetting someone.