ATTENTION: To all ILPers in the UK

As it stands right now (the location might change, but the date won’t), I will be doing a few magical appearances in some of the Pubs / Bars in the mighty-mighty UK!

Feburary 23 I’ll be in Manchester

Feburary 24 - 26 I’ll be in Blackpool

Feburary 27 I’ll be in London

and just in case there is anybody from the Netherlands here,

Feburary 28 and 29th I’ll be in almighty Amsterdam cooling down.

It would be my first time in Europe, and once I get confirmation on the exact locations (which pub, or hall) I’ll post it up here. I’m not sure how many of you would be interested to watching me do my live magic act, but it’ll be a pleasure. I leave tommorrow to Darwin, Australia for two months. So I’ll be missing from ILP for eight weeks or so. But just let me know if anybody near London is interested.

The more feedback I get, the more pressure I can put on those hiring me to give me a bigger venue. Being that nobody really knows who I am in the UK.

how cool!
are you ever gonna be in cali?

Oh yes! I move back to San Diego / Anaheim December 17th. I have a mobile home in San Diego, and me and my brother have an office out of an apartment we both have in Anaheim. I do a lot of shows in the LA and Orange County, but I have regular gigs in San Diego ~ Chula Vista area, so it is good to stay the night in Anaheim sometimes. I’ll be there for a long time until I get my career big enough to move to Sydney and/or Tokyo.