Attractive Power (Not Ugly and Stupid)

[size=150]Hi all! :banana-dance:

Does anyone have any ideas why it is that some people are so powerful and attractive almost immediately? :romance-kisscheek:

Is the power of attraction a secret, if so do you know it? :romance-grouphug:

What is the source of the power of attraction? :obscene-drinkingcheers:

What sayest thou? (What say you?)

What say ye? (What say you all?)[/size]


Is it not true that sophia itself must have had the power of attraction to draw philo to itself to create philosophy? =D>

Think carefully. :-k

Answer intelligently. #-o

What sayest thou? (What say you?)

What say ye? (What say you all?)[/size]

Not cute, already boring…
and a waste of space.
Excessively large and bold lettering adds nothing to the credence and veracity (or lack thereof) of the words offered. ‘Truth’ stands ‘boldly’ by itself; lies, of whatever size, fail.
Why not let the ‘boldness’ of your words be the result of careful critical thought rather than from the use of the ‘large’ and ‘bold’ buttons?

[size=150]Of a truth thou hast spoken. =D>

. . . . . . . .but hast thou placed no value on the apparent irrationality of the POWER in art? [-X

What sayest thou?[/size]

Thank you for helping me access compassion…
Any “apparent irrationality” or “POWER” or “apparent irrationality of the POWER in art”, etc… is in the eye of the beholder.
Peace, and welcome!



What do you think happened to you to cause you to lose “access” to “compassion”?[/size] [-(

We are not the same from moment to moment. Sometimes we are happy, sometimes sad, sometimes compassionate, sometimes empathic, sometimes egoic, sometimes brilliant, sometimes stupid, etc…
Nothing happens to ‘cause’ me to lose anything. Nothing happens to ‘cause’ anything. What is, is, and what I am, from moment to moment, is what I am. No options, no choices but to manifest our nature.

[size=150]NO CHOICE?

  1. Do we all think that there are “No options, no choices but to manifest our nature”? [-X

  2. Can we not choose to manifest our nurture? :-k

What say ye? (What say you all?) #-o [/size]

Nope, no choice.

No, “we all” do not think the same about anything, ever. Every Perspective (us) is unique. So what? Got a point?

No. We can, on the other hand, ‘feel’ like we do. (Ego loves to ‘believe’…)

Since you appear to evidence biblical influence, I’ll offer a biblical response;
Perhaps if you read the biblical ‘story’ of ‘satan’s’ offer to ‘jesus’ while camping in the desert, you’ll get some Perspective on ‘power’.
‘Power’ is vanity/pride, believing the seductive egoic (satanic) lies. Like believing in ‘free-will/choice’ and thus believing yourself a ‘god’/‘creator’…
“Look at all the ‘power’ you can have from eating the fruit of this ‘forbidden’ tree…”
It is quite seductive to the ego.

I told you that I will not respond to this attempt (to safely distance yourself from your words?) at ‘cuteness’ (if that’s what it is). A simple question mark will take the place of the above unnecessary nonsense.
This is a philosophy (critical thought) site.
If you wish my further responses, please meet me at the same level of ‘respect’ and ‘honesty’ from which I speak.
If you want your words to be ‘noticed’ and ‘jump off the page’, ‘choose’ them wisely. Well thought out words will naturally carry more ‘weight’ the your ‘artificial weighting’…

[size=200]NO CHOICE = NO REASON?[/size]

[size=150]After reading the above carefully . . . . . . . . . . . . . . :-k

. . . . . . . . . and following the logic. #-o

Is it not safe to conclude that a person who does not believe in choice also can not have the ability to reason? ](*,)

What say ye? (What say you all?) [-( [/size]

:laughing: I find this thread amusing! :smiley:

^^LOL… I do too… Ress has a sense of humor. I honestly, felt her questions required critical thought.

I guess Nameless gave up in this thread and loss his will to discuss the topic because of the same ego he spoke against. It seems he is too good to discuss the topic at hand because of Ress bold and large supposedly “Cute” words. Nameless why did you feel it was necessary to try and change Ress style of format? Is it really that bothering and important to catch an emotional fit because Ress didn’t respect in honesty your typical or traditional ways? Her questions were admissible in my opinion. :laughing:

I say “Matthew effect”.

“To those that have, everything shall be given; from those that have not everything will be taken”.

Fame and wealth are their own momentum. Poverty and despair their own prophecy.

I actually think that Ress demonstrated to nameless what the power of attraction is all about.

nameless may not have “gotten it” but nevertheless I think that Ress did draw this nameless in.

Kudos to you Ress. =D> =D> =D> :laughing:

How do you know that Ress is a “her”? :-k