Avatar Size

I suspect this issue has been raised before; else at least it has been considered by the admin long before I came along. However, opposed to searching the archives, I figured it’s a fair enough question/suggestion to bring up, even it is redundant.

First I should say I’m 100% in favor of limiting things like avatar size and signature images, etc., but 80 x 80 (pixels) is particularly small.

I happen to think 90 x 90 is ideal, but that 100 x 100 is also appropriate, i.e. not obnoxious. Any chance we can get this number incrased?

Perhaps it’s a space/bandwidth issue? If so, disregard this suggestion; it’s not my place to question monetary issues. But if this is not the reason, I suggest larger avatars (if only 90 x90) would be a welcome upgrade.

it is a space/bandwidth issue



Remember Daybreak, it’s not the size that’s important but how you use it. :slight_smile:

Not to say I don’t still prefer 90 x 90 aesthetically, but I was really just asking because it was hard to find images that small, while there were lots of 90 x 90’s around. Would’ve just been easier for me. :wink:

Speaking of which, anyone feel like teaching me how to change image sizes? Just from screwing around, I was able to change the pixels, but the image didn’t center. I’m at a loss.

use paint. just shrink it on paint.

granted, it’ll lose some detail but not very much if you start with a small picture

I think it’s obvious that MY avatars should be allowed to be bigger than everybody else’s, considering the subject matter.

Hi Daybreak,

I will find out if it is financially viable to up the avatars to 90x90. Aesthetically I have no problem with it.

Cheers for the suggestions,


Wow, thanks a lot, Ben. Totally cool. :smiley:

Thanks for this, too, btw.

Don’t resize things in paint. That’s stupid, when there are a wide variety of other, much, much better simple picture editing or resizing programs available. Especially since it’s really “MSPaint.” Try Irfanview.


Click image, resize/resample, then make your unit be pixels. Then set either the height or the width, depending on the original dimensions, to 80.

I agree, but I also think that your ridiculously large signature should invoke some sort of tax…

I of course being the lord of brief signature lines. That has just made me wonder precisely how many posts I’ve submitted that were shorter than my present sig…