Average human choice : Live or Life

Free will ,choice, no choice, phychologically brain washed, emotional blackmail, social acceptance, predetermined status, skin color religious background, win, lose.

You live in crap conditions, you have a choice.

You live in good conditions you have a choice

You choose, its your responsibility to be in charge of your existence.

Living is more than life, if you are not living than why have life?
Choose. Live or Life.

I’ve been advised not to think about this too much. It isn’t so much that I don’t want to discontinue existence, my daughters still seem to like having me around, and I may be helping more than it costs to keep me living.

You make a reasonable point though, and it is a constant consideration.

No she doesn’t, you are both or neither of those states.

For many living is different than just having a life.

Its quality or quaity. I choose quality over quantity,so I choose living.

Some people hold life more dear so they choose quantity.

For me death is preferable over certain circumstances of life.

Some it would not be so.

I love my life because I live my life my choice my way.

I choose living over mere life.

Stephen’s daughters make him alive. To me that is quality over quantity.

Sentimental pap.

mmmmm … sentimental pap.

I am trying to see the sentimental part. Nothing there though. Live or life how is that sentimental?

Quality over qauntity where is the sentiment?

Slave or free, live or die, choose to be a slave or choose to try and be free. Accept abuse or end it.

Where is the heart wrenching sentiment. I see cold questions.


Why hello, Sartre.

I like it.

You made me think quite a bit about it.

It’s always nice to be reminded of what is important. =D>

Whilst I agree, I think its much harder to have such a simplified view when your in a difficult situation/circumstances. The question will always be the same, but life will not.

I personally believe people are a product of their experiences. So people with good inputs such as optimistic parents, supporting friends, role models, opportunities ect. MAY find it easier to make a decision to live.

Very good notions Mat…common sense based.