Average Joe Olympics + Drug Enhanced Olympics ?

[size=150]* Average Joe Olympics + Drug Enhanced Olympics ? *[/size]

Yah !! … Let’s have [size=117]two Olympics !![/size]

What’s wrong with that !!?

[size=75][ It’s in the news a bit at the moment ][/size]

“Rocky is veak…Drago vill break him”

i think their should be, i would like to see the amazing speed people coul d run and how well people could perform if drugs were legal, would be more exiting and fun the the other olympics cos new hights can be reached :smiley:

why waste the time with steroid olympics?

if you really want to see “athletes” who can compete like superman, call george lucas.


MyInnerChild said :

[size=117]" That’s a stupid idea for a thread, SirEbrum."[/size]

Shut up you !!

And on the starting line we have…

Team Wyeth
Team GlaxoSmithKline
Team Bayer
Team Roche
Team AstraZeneca
Team Pfizer

How else will we ever develop the overman…?

C’mon - we’d all like to be cool like Wolverine.

“Bring on the Adamantium Doc. Hurt me good.”

“Oh no - the sprinter in lane three’s exploded !!! I can’t look !!!”

Seriously though, rather than just have medicine that makes us better, we should have medicine that makes us better.

Interesting idea, but my gut tells me it’s also a bad idea. There’s something special about people who take the time to train and who posses natural talent and focused ability. A steroid olypics seems to undermine the whole idea of any olypics, that’s my personal belief.

Couldn’t anyone wealthy and healthy enough take steroids and become a super athlete? We don’t need another easy way for the wealthy to gain more fame and fortune, anybody agree?

But suppose we did create some sort of generic athletic enhancing drug and all participants of a “Super Olympics” were given the drug equally. It would be interesting to observe how far their abilities were enhanced.

I think that’s a flawed assumption. Steroids can help you put on muscle mass, but only if you work out & train. Drugs alone won’t get you anywhere. Besides, even possessing a superior physique wouldn’t guarentee you victory. Look at swimming for example; if you were in great shape, do you think you could beat Michael Phelps in a 200 M race? There’s a tremendous amount of training required to perfect that level of technique.

Still, there’s a tremendous edge in physical capability that can be rendered through the use of steroids. Isn’t that why they’re currently illegal throughout all types and levels of athletics. How will you be able to obtain the drugs in the first place, even if they are legal? Wouldn’t they still come at a high price?

My point is that steroids must do something substantial as they are illegal for athletes to use in Olympic competition. Why don’t we first look at the reasons for their current prohibition beyond the simple physical advantage. How do different types of steroids affect an athletes health?

Undoubtedly they offer an immense edge. My point was simply that you can’t buy a great physique- even with drugs you’ll have to work hard to achieve that type of a body.

Certainly they do adversely affect ones health. But athletes often don’t care. Remember, mostly they’re young and convinced, as we were at that age, that we’ll live forever. Winning is the most important thing, the only thing. The consequences are irrelevant to them.

Ok, I see. Well, we lift weights, we drink energy mix, we eat diets engineered for physical performance, we have all types of therapy…

Is it illegal for an athlete to (suppossing the tech. existed) mechanize him/herself? To become part machine in order to outperform the other contestants? My guess is yes, it’s illegal. So why would we hold a special Olympics for athletes who undergo this mechanization process? I don’t know, maybe the idea will catch on, maybe not. I say let the athletes decide. If I was an Olympist I’d say no.

Here’s why:

If you’re going to hold a steroid olympics, wouldn’t it be a requirement that the exact same dose of the exact same drug be administered on each performing athlete?

If so, then wouldn’t all the athletes still retain proportionate levels of ability if they continue to train the same?

Am I wrong? If I’m right, well, then you see my point.

or are you talking about an “anything goes” type of olympic competition where all and any enhancements are legal?

I actually have read of ideas for the mechanical augmentation of athletes! :astonished: I don’t know about you but I’d definately tune in for the Bionic Olympics. :slight_smile:

Like I said, or meant anyways, I’d be interested as hell to watch one of these competitions, but I think they are unfair by nature.

GM athletes?

Sounds good to me, as long as they can’t breed…

There will be one rule that our ’ Formula One Human Racing ’ teams [see below] will have to follow.

Team Wyeth
Team GlaxoSmithKline
Team Bayer
Team Roche
Team AstraZeneca
Team Pfizer

Rule : - No drugs administered to the under-18’s.

Lets see figure skaters bionically augmented and enhanced with steroids.

Hmm, that ought to make those crashes on ice a tad gruesome.

And I think I will avoid the shot put and javelin throws thank you.

It will definitely bring pole vaulting to new heights, Its the sudden drop at the end that would prove, um, interesting.

Wrestling and boxing now that is where the men will converge.

Hockey will be at the top of testosterone pyramid of violence. Women probably would quake in fear of the pure smell of it. Or be turned on.

Basketball well 10 ft players will be runty little 2cnd string. The court will have to be huge.

I don’t know guys, I think the enhanced olympics will have to be played on a secluded country with out other folks present, just cameras. Competition is rough enough with out enhancements, now you all want to make a highly competitive army of augmented and enhanced, well trained and well disciplined (repeating the word competitive here) athletes. You go be a spectator. I will watch it with a .50 cal lying across my lap safely locked in my home and pray they never get off that land.

Making naturally competitive people that way , Um, bad idea!

There will also be genetic enhancements. If an athletic child is genetically enhanced with gorilla genes for testosterone, he will develop muscles like a gorilla. I’ll want him on my team to show those other guys who’s boss.

I don’t see how all these enhanced humans will all be separated from the puny ordinary athletes. I have a feeling that we will have to learn to accept enhancement, whether accidental or deliberate.

In baseball, there is already an accepted “Tommy John” surgery that transplants thick tendons from the legs to the arms. And there was a professional (American) football place kicker who had a stump for a foot. These are superior to a normal arm and foot for the unique purpose of a sport.

Here and there augmentation and enhancement yes for specific health reasons yes. but for competition? Think about a highly competitive personality. Then think about an army of highly competitive personalities augmented and enhanced to superhuman. If you are an olympic contender you have to be a highly competitive person, very strong willed, focused and disciplined. Enhancements with hormones? Hormones are well known to cause aggression in the average person, now put some of that in a highly competitive personality.

Creating an olympic arena for these folks has the very real potential of trouble. Interesting fantasy but, reality would be not nice. Yea, no thank you, we got enough problems on our plates as it is.