AV's and SIG's, Gangstas!!!


It seems that TheStumps/Jayson is on less than I originally thought he would be since his resignation as Moderator. With that being the case, I would like to offer my services in the realm of doing custom avatars and signatures for people. Granted, mine won’t be nearly as cool as his, have any of the awesome graphics that he could effectuate, or be done in as expedient a manner, but I’ll do my best all the same.

Please make any requests in this thread.


Pav, but of course I would like to become moderator here. :laughing: :evilfun: :sunglasses: =P~

Thanks for asking me.

I’ll work on it.

I find it fair to let you know, however, that I work very slowly.

I wouldn’t mind some signature graphic. I’m not really sure what. And I’m not really sure if I’d actually use it.

Do you have a general idea, at least concerning the theme?


Damn, your good, thank’s for the signature!

I like my Avatar of Athena.

But if your offering(I’m not sure how adept you are) then perhaps you could make a more modern anthromorphism.

For referance something similiar( not exactely th same) to this.

I didn’t do your signature!


Is that a Final Fantasy character? Should be easy enough to find. I suppose give me a few days, although I really like your current avatar.

Yeah me too , shame I don’t know where it’s from.

imo, if someone’s sig takes up more space than their average post, it’s too big. it really doesn’t look good when 60% of a thread consists of peoples’ signatures, which have nothing to do with the thread. somebody on this forum has like 10 quotes in his sig. if you center his sig on the screen, it takes up all or most of my screen space. that’s too big. somebody on this forum has like 10 quotes in his sig. if you center his sig on the screen, it takes up all or most of my screen space. that’s too big. that’s part of what informed the creation of my sig – i think it’s just ugly to have a sig bigger than your post, and I rarely make a post smaller than this sig.

if i were in charge, i’d limit sigs to either a pic of height no more than 150px or 4 lines of text. or perhaps i’d limit the sig area to no more than 150px high, and allow people to do whatever they want in it, while informing them that anything that exceeds the height will be clipped.

It looks like early Klimt, or whatever style he adhered to in that period.


I got a tough one for you Pav… I need a 8ftx3ft banner between 150dpi-00dpi that says The Honolulu Philosophy Group

The UPS Store is doing a 99 dollar special on it, I won’t buy it for two more weekends. I can’t really design one right now, as I am a hopeless, deranged hobo. It would be awesome if I could get you to make a really awesome badass one.

Any progress?

I have a Simpler request, if you have the time for it.


Could they resize a smaller banner?


What do you request?

I want one that says “BGE Productions,” with maybe a cleverly placed anarchist symbol (an “A” inside a circle) with a nietzsche mustache instead of a normal line for the middle of the “A.”