Are Caterpillars aware that they will one day become Butterflies?

Most likely not. They will have a drive to do the process, as a fetus draws nutrition, grows then leaves. Instincts or machine commands control the growing creature.

Even plants are aware.

I doubt it very much. I share the sentiment, in part, which comes from this quote about the butterfly…


But we are human beings capable of consciousness and interpreting our sensations [though not necessarily so well]. We are capable of realizing that state or process of emergence. As Freddie said: " One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star". I don’t think that the caterpillar has the mental awareness to understand what’s going on. Does it somehow sensate something ~~ I rather think so ~~being that it does live.

I have no doubt in mind that a caterpillar is aware of what is to happen to it.

Define “aware” then.

It knows its life cycle.

Define “knows” here.

We humans know our life cycle[s] because we have a certain amount of intelligence, experience and consciousness.
But the caterpillar “knowing”?

Define " here", little Arc.

Where is " here " exactly? What do you mean by " here " ? What connotations are attached to that word, for you? What sort of qualia? How does it pertain to the survival of the species?

If it didn’t know it wouldn’t perform. Even plants are aware. They know of their surroundings and themselves. One must know them self if they are to survive. If they didn’t know themselves wouldn’t they just be computers working? No, and even then a computer is a mere extension of us through creation.

They’re bio-organic.


:laughing: That was quite evident, Erik. Where is it that I wrote the words - in the post - in his post.
Here, in this physical place.

A physical place, a mental place as in what I am thinking of at the moment, am emotional place as may be evoked from a beautiful place of music, “here” as opposed to “there”, “here” might also connote being present mentally to ourselves.

Depends on the nature of the word… as in “here” at this moment, I am about to soar into the clouds.
Here in this place, this mental reflective place I become and find self…an optimal experience
Here in the depths of my emotions, Chopin is taking me “there” into the heights .

Well, if you don’t get over “here” right now, you will die.
If we don’t understand meaning and context, we can die also. lol

I don’t think that a caterpillar has that kind of consciousness - do you?

You know how it suddenly dawns on people that they’ve become like their fathers or like their mothers? We become all sorts of stuff without knowing it. I don’t really know what caterpillars know, but it’s possible to survive all manner of conditions without being very aware at all. That I know.

A lot of life is lucky.

I agree with people saying there are varying degrees/kinds of awareness.