My dad and brother forced me to attend a college football game with them earlier today and I felt compelled to join them in order to avoid dealing with the negative consequences of me neglecting my family (any further than I already do). While I was watching the game, I was bored as fuck. I swear to God the only thing that entertains my attention anymore are my own thoughts and it’s not really that fun. The game was boring; the whole day was boring meeting my brother’s many friends, etc.


At the game, I observed an old Asian man with his child and daughter. A couple of college girls came up to them, got googly-eyed, and practically drooled onto the baby (metaphorically). As I watched all of this, the baby’s eyes in particular, some new things occurred to me regarding an observation I have already seen for decades: we are all children at heart. That is too cliché though. I already knew that. However, I came to the conclusion that most men and women do not actually grow up and mature (at least mentally). The reason for this is how every individual person in the history of our human specie is disconnected from his/her mother at birth.

Conceptually speaking, we are all born into bliss. Slowly but surely, over time, we are given unbelievable amounts of attention from our parents, our siblings, and especially other people, strangers included. If these two stupid college girls came up to the baby and fawned over it, then why wouldn’t they do the same for any particular stranger???

The reason for that is that children, babies specifically, are generally worth more than adults (socially speaking). Women in general are also socially worth more than men. Because of this natural worth, stupid little college girls will approach a baby (completely innocent and in bliss) and just feed it attention. As we grow, we are [size=120]ALL[/size] stripped of this attention and affection. For women though, it is a very different reality. Women are intended to stay connected to one another naturally, which is why women are also physically affectionate with one another whereas men are not naturally inclined this way. Men are inclined to expand this disconnection for purely survival reasons.

If men are kept in this hedonistic bliss, then they will appear feminine, childish, and become weak spiritually. If men on a societal scale are increasingly overpowered by these social pressures to “connect and bond”, then men shall become weak together. This is not my reality/life at all. I am disconnected from everything; and this is the basis for all forms of suffering & pain.

As the baby grows (this baby I observed at the game), it will form concepts in its mind primarily based on touch and sight. The baby is comforted and physically held by any-and-everybody. The two stupid college girls held the baby at different points, comforting it. They made eye contact and facial recognition was burned into the mind of the baby. The baby will use these imprints later in life and relate them to feelings of comfort (primarily after they are taken away, stripped, or removed from the baby when it grows into an adult). How fucked up is this???

The crazy thing is that this care is detrimental for men within our purposes. The purpose of men is to protect over their whole society with strength and power. This is the nature of Justice. In our American society, little boys are made to be weak in many senses. Boys are raised to be comforted by strangers, given attention and affection, and then it gets taken away from us without a ‘how’ or ‘why’. Who comes into our lives, as men, and tells us the purpose for this disconnection, when it is inevitably a part of our fate and destiny to be separated from those we grew to love and care for? That baby, this baby, will grow up and the affection and attention will be removed from him/her. And the baby will suffer, because it will not understand the change in human behavior. One moment the whole world cares for you and the next; nobody gives a shit! – and why!? (lol!)

The reasons for this are rather straight-forward. If you are a woman, then you stay in bliss and hedonism, but it is limited. You don’t get as much attention, but you do get attention (positive or negative) based on your superficial beauty and appearances. If you’re a blond, then you don’t need brains, correct? – Yes. On the other hand, if you are a man, then you are in a much worse situation. You are actually obligated and required by society to remove yourself at will! Religion has been classically devoted to this cause by inspiring its males socially into war and competition, but the world now is a much different place. There is nowhere for men to go, nowhere to disconnect yourself into and live happily. There is nowhere to be free.

I am not wrong about any of this, because the two stupid college girls did not approach me and fawn over me like I were an infant. It would be absurd for this to happen, especially to a stranger! And wouldn’t it be nice for everybody in the world to suddenly turn all of its attention onto you and pay it to you without end??? Wouldn’t it be nice to be gods for a day where everybody is looking out for your concerns first? We have already lived this life – as children – as infants – as babies. And we are far-removed from then, now. We have come a long way.

Now, as an adult. Nobody truly cares about you; you are left to your own devices. Men have their uses. Women have their uses. We are diverged away from bliss and hedonism, but men and women have different relationships with this thing. For men, it is a detriment to their essence/nature/spirit. For a woman, it is a necessity and benefit. So while these two stupid college girls may appear stupid to me, I realize that there is something deep about their superficiality and what its causes are: hedonism, care. They care. I don’t. I wasn’t made to.

Disconnection is the only suffering then. As men, turn your back on everything, and walk straight into Hell. If this had not been a part of our nature as Man, then we would have gone extinct ages & eons ago. Males were Determined to separate from the social, female host, this hednoistic entity/creature (Earth). Men are like cancer cells when trapped inside society. They become crazy, criminal, terrifying, demented, and deformed. This just indicates to me that mankind needs new wars or something to replace our innate bloodlust. I want to get the fuck off this rock, personally. But I doubt this will occur in my lifetime. – there’s always the next.

Furthermore, another point, the baby conceptualized touch and sight today. Touch is connection. However, sight is also insanely important to the human beast/animal. I watched closely how the baby’s eyes moved about, differentiating the world into (cognitive) forms. Essence was pouring into its eyes. And I see now how humans are predominantly sight-based creatures. When you look into another person’s eyes, you literally and metaphorically see into their soul. That is why eye-contact is so important amongst people socially. That is why touch is also so important.

I’m just rambling, because I’m sexually dissatisfied and also miss talking my ex-gf to sleep late at night with my useless philosophies (they were just senseless words in her mind after-all, like all women, yet not men).

And now I see how you lost your girlfriend.

(I dumped her by the way.)

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What game was it? Maybe if you were here in Alabama you’d enjoy the game, since we’re 11-0 and #1 in the nation. Next week we will beat our biggest rival making it a perfect season, and the first time we’ve ever beat them in our new 92000 seat stadium, (which sells out for every game). I sure am glad that we stole that coach from the Miami dolphins.

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