Banning Gay Authors

now that i’ve got you’re attention

I really just tossing it out there.

dont be kind :slight_smile:

its more than likly crap

the tendencies of human nature are that of a permenant one. Key figures in history have nothing to do with individual characteristics but are simply extreme points in the odds and numbers of human tendency. If enoguh time passes and enoguh events occur to enoguh people all aspect of any civilization and repeated conservately in a respective enviroment.

So, if you were to lapse time forward by one mere second, you would find you’re self in an entirely different but non the less parallel world. Names, Dates species foods cultures would be different in name and history and traits (all physical aspects) but their tendencies, discoveries, languages and key political figures ext. would all be the same because human tendency is un/inter changable.

For example. Russia would not be called russia. But they still would be a “communist” country because the tendencies of humans are what casue certain key events in history, not names physical characteristcs ext.

Take you’re parents for instance. If you were conceived one second later you would have received a different set of genes thus physically differeing from you’re true self but personality would have stayed the same.

For example. there would have been a mussalini and Adolf Hitler but there would have a been a dictator during that time period.

the world would level out and we’d be living in a relativly similar world

how different would depend on when in time this lapse took place, the more recent the less difference, the further in the past the more difference… in current times this is, a current lapse would most probably affect the distant future somewhat significantly.

are you talking about what you posted there ?

ur pretty right in what your trying to say but things like these :

arent for certain just highly likely. you meant wouldnt have been a mussalinin and Adolf Hitler ? to correct you, the other you that was born 1 second lately will differ in personality and how different in looks your 1 second later self is could vary.

my questions are, why did you put the gay author tittle ?
also why did you post this ?

i have my ideas why but i just wanna know from you.

i often do titles of things that would offend to grab peoples attention…

…i guess its a little game i play.

one im saying is that yes. If sombody was conceived one second later their persoanlity would be completly different (for sake of discussion)

but since human tendency is fairly constant, certain things would remian even if you lapsed everything forward one sec.

It is in the nature of human existence for certain cahracteristics to be present.

for people to take advantage of others. ext ext. so certain events would still occur just under drastically differentsettings and order.

i just posted to see peoples input/perception.

i mean a lapse from the begginning of time. from the first conception or what have you.

though other times would be interesting

Not necessarily… what if the same sperm just fertilised the same egg seconds later. Wouldn’t you still be the same person?

How do you know? If by lapsing everything forward one second you could completely change all of our personalities it might be possible that many human tendencies could also change.

But if the “same” events take place in a different setting and order are they still the same events? For example, if a man has sex with a woman and then she gets drunk and passes out, is that the same as a woman getting drunk and passing out before the man has sex with her? Possibly not.