Banning guns and explosives on terrorist watch lists

Senator Feinstein in California proposed this idea, and I support it, thought it was already in place.

I need to first off say, it is unconstititional, but it wouldn’t operate as a pure ban. Let’s say your unfortunate enough to have the name a terrorist uses, let say my name is “Peter Kropotkin” and forum member Peter Kropitkin is a notorious Left Wing Terrorist. I run a demolition business, so need shape charges, and like to bow and rifle hunt, and have experienced a wild dog barking repeatedly at my wife, menancing her in her garden. I want to protect my wife… go to buy a gun… can’t… I’m on a terrorist watchlist cause this other Kropotkin has been threatening to blow up day care centers till he gets his political way.

Obviously, my recourse to action would be to go to a judge, and have my “name” cleared. Problem is, my name us identicle to this asshole’s name, and getting it cleared isn’t working. What do you do? Does the judge say use your social too? Provide you with a pincode? I honestly don’t know. I don’t think good Kropotkin should loose his demolition business and have his wife eaten alive in his back yard all because of evil Kropotkin.

As I said, ultimately the law would be unconstitutional, but I think even evil Kropotkin should be allowed to protest in court and explain his urgent need to buy explosives and weaponry too, and that he should be allowed to call on the CIA and FBI to explain. They will be more than happy to show up, provide papers marked “classified” and heavily blotted out, and receive first hand an update on the adventures of Kropotkin. Judge can decide from there what to do, and you can count of the court of appeals to be very sympathetic to evil kropitkin’s plight… or not.

I can live with this not so constitutional loophole. Can anyone make a gun or explosives? Yes, in theory… but for the moment few can. You take the ability away, lots of people will quickly learn. I would rather guns have standards in manufacturing and openly bought and taxed, with local sheriff’s aware your packing. I don’t want it to go completely underground.

Farmers who by explosive fertilizers, demolition contractors, safe crackers, mining companies, they shouldn’t be punished because a name accidently matches up, or some asshole makes a claim against them. They need recourse to a judge, experienced in confronting liars. Remember Satyr calling homeland security on Erik? Wouldn’t it be sad if Erik was prohibited from buying that stupid Spartan fantasy sword? All his weeds around his house would be 10 feet high from a lack of cutting,and local code inspectors would of fined him into bankruptcy. He would be down in a subway bathroom sucking dick for food money, not knowing how to resolve the issue. If only he had a Spartan Fantasy Sword to cut the weeds! A judge should be able to hear this out, and quickly. Days, not a week.

I’m opposed to this idea, until I hear they resolved this issue. In theory, anyone could walk in, get a judge to remove it. I hope it is only those NOT on the terrorist watch list who succeed. People shouldn’t get screwed over because a typist typed a name wrong, or you have the had luck of having a notorious name.

There’s a Rolex watch on a bomb as a part of the detonating device. I demand we ban Rolex watches everywhere followed by television broadcasted commercials of crying children and baskets full of sad looking puppies. … -list.html