Basic Utilitarianism Question! Need Help!

Alright, I have a really basic question for all you philo gurus out there. I am having a bit of trouble understanding some concepts in my basic philosophy class, and am even finding some conflicting views some sources that I found to help me. So anyways, here is my question. Basically, I am curious as to what exactly Mill’s version of Utilitarianism is. I find the text very difficult to read seeing as how it was written in the style of 19th century english. So I am having trouble picking out basic concepts. So what is his view of utilitarianism in a nutshell. How does his view differ from, say, Bentham’s view? Also, I have found conflicting sources saying that Mill is an act utilitarian, and another saying that he is a rule utilitarian. So which is he? My guess would be a rule utilitarian because we discussed in class about how he believed that we possess secondary rules, or innate systems of rules by which we make ethical decisions. Maybe I am confusing this with something else, so can someone correct me if I am wrong in this asssumption. Finally, what would Mill say about cases involving poverty. Are we obligated to help impovershed people based on his view? Im just looking to verify an application of his view here in this example. Thanks alot! I reall need some help understanding this stuff as our final is approaching very quickly. I appeciate your time!

“But (MILL)he did not agree that all differences among pleasures can be quantified.”- that is the difference