Battle of the races, who is the great race through time?

Africans, Americans, British, Germany, Jews, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Korean, … martians, robots, angels, devils? … so forth.

But why?



But why would someone ask this question?

We should judge people as individuals, just because you are from the US doesn’t mean anything at face value.

People only use race, i.e the French are best and I am French etc… When they have acheived nothing themselves. Its a kind of blanket to make themselves feel good. One of their countrymen did something good, so they must be good. The logical has somewhat been blown out of the window.

So, should all currencies have the same value? in terms of money be equal?

about cockroaches
I disagree- because when one, is easily destroyed, to me it is not great.

You are confusing nationality and ethnicity with “race.” Then you throw in “martians, robots, angels, devils” making your question frivolous. Race itself has become a questionable concept. You haven’t defined greatness either. This question seems to be designed with the intention of fostering meaningless, irresolvable controversy. It would have to be refined in order to make it worthy of further discussion.

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