The Concept of Beauty and then Beauty itself becomes extinct when women no longer exist. Everything a man encounters without a woman or relationship with women, he sees as not attractive but instead as a sort of hell. Hope dies quickly without the idea of a woman, for she is on the thoughts of men throughout his wakefulness and sleep state. She on the other end, can only recognize beauty in relation to her subjective self, more specifically she only sees the measure of an object’s beauty imprinted over her own appearance. From the beginning of puberty men slave for the beauty of women, never to capture it’s essence, but always, as a biproduct of this desire of beauty,attempt to provide woman a child directly with the intent of having one, or indirectly aka giving into woman’s desire to fulfill her duties which nature has bestowed upon her. Men desire only the beauty of the woman and never the woman herself. He wishes to capture it and store it away, so that he may never have to work again for it.

How is the appreciation of the beauty of, say, a majestic sunrise, dependent upon the women?

Why are female humans the aesthetic standard but not male humans? What about the vast plethora of art that depicts the male figure, masculine characteristics as aesthetic truth and value?

Again - how does one appreciate beauty in nature, or art, which does not involve the female form or quality?

Why then do women desire men, why do women find men beautiful, possessed of aesthetic truth? The male form is also the subject of art, throughout history and in modern times. And why are women not all lesbians then, if they can only see beauty in their subjective self, in the eternal feminine?

Rather, I think you are quite mistaken here - aesthetic truth is embodied within the human form, divided among the sexes and intermixed between these. We find various human qualities beautiful and valuable, and these are actualized and attain various degrees of perfection in either the male or female. In addition, genuine human aesthetics on its deeper level indicates values and qualities which are asexual in nature - strength, resolve, passion, vulnerability, geometric proportionality, athleticism, will, intellect, creativity.

These values are objectified through art; we find beautiful what best captures those essential deep elements of human nature which we naturally are drawn to and feel as values, as truths. This can take the form of the male or female form, objectified into a higher value state within the general notions of the eternal feminine and masculine (the essential sexual character raised via abstract thought to the sublime and divine level of “perfection”).

Says someone who apparently has never desired a woman for her self.

Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

What self?

Um…just out of curiosity…appropos of nothing, mind you…just wondering, nothing more…

…when was the last time you had a date, Joe?

joekoba your initial post contradicts everything in history.
Some greeks were homosexual yet very into beautiful art, such as painting, sculpting, poetry, Olympic Games …etc.

Some muslims who covers their women in veils thus only the eyes are revealed, has young men whom never seen a grown woman, still are able to produce great art.

For myself, I stll appreciate beautiful cars which is quite unrelating to women.

I’m puzzled why you can arrive to such conclusions which are narrowminded.

You only like the cars because they help you get women.

So whenever I sit with a car magazin, and admire cars, I automaticly think of them as “women trawlers”?


I admire beautiful things, because they’r beautiful, not because of some secondary factor.

Either you have some weird obsession and look upon life through a compulsery view, or you are sending us on a “fool’s errand”, by giving you undeserved attention.

It was a joke, friendo.

Beauty is a product of the mind. we love the beauty. We narsistically love our idea.

No logic, objectivity or philosophy here, Joe is just expressing his sentiments, and attempting to appeal to ours. For him, women are so beautiful, that life becomes meaningless without their presence; everything loses it’s warm glow. You either feel him or you don’t. I know how you feel Joe, although, I admire and adore women for more than just their beauty.

:laughing: That was … degrading.

And what is beauty? Why do we desire beauty? Why do we desire desire? Do we desire from our “choice”? Or is our desire rooted in our sexuality?

To the OP: you say that hope dies quickly and everything is seen as hell without women. While this may be the case for many men, what about those who walk the spiritual path and seek (and find) Beauty and fulfilment in God/Emptiness/Nirvana (call it what you will)?

Within my own experience I’d say that beauty dies without the feminine existence (but so would everything for that matter, as both masculane and feminine need to exist for existence to exist), but I can find beauty iin Mother Earth or my personal relationship with the feminine force of existence without needing a literal female human being, well, at least thus far.

But I do know where you are coming from. I’ve been a hopeless romantic all of my life and have suffered in hell trying to find a woman and being denied over and over and over again. Currently I have a girlfriend so my perspective is probably skewed a bit towards the optimistic side.

Anyway, hang in there buddy. I’ve known the hell you are going through. Most philosophers do.

It creates a comfort. It is one of the many illusions. The world pleasures us or pains us. But with “beauty”
we give ourself comfort and the world exists for us. Because to think that the world does not give a damn about us scares us. And so we find beauty but it is in reality not out there but we think it is out there. The comfort of cute puppies, flowers, butterflies, and women are my making.

On the contrary, Beauty creates discomfort, because it is something that cannot be grasped. Those looking for the truth can only find beauty as a sort of superficial property that panders to the animal nature within us. As far as the world goes, all pleasure and pain are but an experience and are on the same spectrum of experience which indicates that there is no duality when it comes to “good” or “bad.” Does the world exist for us or do we exist for the world?

As"I" is but an imagine the same is “we”. “We” are also a subjective experience. That is to say the thing called self is an idea. The thing called self is not a solid concrete entity that exists any where in the universe but only as a thought.

And the pain and suffering come from believing otherwise. To believe that we were born and to believe that we will die. To believe that experience happens to us instead to know that we are experience. And to believe that all this is happening in the brain. The external world is electrical signals reaching our brain. The brain itself a member of the external world.

But many grasp the latter. They grasp thoughts as true. The grasp the idea that beauty exist in physical form. They defend their subjectiveness.

I agree with most of what you have said.
The suffering comes from existing.