behold the thoughts

i find your gaze in my eyes
whenever I turn my head to your face
stay, pure gape of flames
why disappear in such rushing daze

the heart bleeds as it shrinks
the blood pours out, in most lucid reds
in vain is your pretension of deflections
rose that becomes your charming cheeks

you speak in no more innocence
as I reach out to hold your hands
say, let me hear again that sweet voice
must be turned off in anguished trance

but your hands shiver with moists
and your lips, scarlet soaken with wines
how could I miss the most enchanting scents
when the air is teeming with loves

why the gaze
if not ready to face
why the words
if not prepared to fix

why take away yourself the desires
as if biblical paradigm is upheld in restrained brains
why deny yourself the chance
for ease among bitter tears afterward in the shades

am I by desperate means
squeezing you out of breathing space
do I not realise
pleasure arrives by the wheel of painful times


each enquiry hitherto denied
every strike aimed at success

Once a musician, always a musician. Lovely.