Being alone is Hell

Is it possible to live completely alone, as a human, and be satisfied?

I know people who would say they’d rather be the only person on earth …

I don’t understand this … I can’t help but to think there is something wrong with this philosophy.

I assume they deny that they are humans some how and basically become God in their mind.

The only problem is that they are actually humans and not Gods. They are living a fantasy.

Are there any nihilists out there that can prove me wrong?

Who would you screw?

Nihilists are lame, lol.

Being alone is fine, when you’re self sufficient.

Look at foxes, beavers, moths, everything.

It’s okay to be alone, if you have a stable mind.

Some of us are just not satisfyed with people in general.Society has degraded. Nobody owes you anything.There are no guarantees.

I have no right to say how someone else influences me do i?And i sure as hell cant influence them.If i want to talor society to my needs i am shit out of luck.

I can choose to take the shit sandwhich that is takeing both good and bad at the same time,or i can leave it to rot.

I am an island because i must be. I will not be negativly influenced by others.
That is all. We all must draw the line when we know what is worth a shit, and if we will get behind it,we must go all the way.

Being alone is hell?Maybe.But humans find themselves adapting in some way or another to even the worst of environments.

Well said.

Thanks. Finally some recognition.

It is barely possible for many to be satisfied as humans in almost any conditions. I would say that it all depends upon ones… inner peace [for lack of a better description coming to mind].

We attach too much gravity to our lives and ourselves, we miss the point of it all. You’re here for a very short time and all we do is complain how miserable it all is and how the human race is doomed, how you can’t rely on anyone, how…It’s all irrelevant in the end. We should learn to be more stoic in our approach to things, to accept the good and the bad on an even scale.


May I remind you of cows, birds who flock together, prairie dogs who create underground colonies, and wolves … in fact, all the animals you name must mate at some point.

Maybe we should get together and fix this?

Why adapt when you don’t have to? I can visit my neighbor and I won’t be in a worse environment. (thats saying that we are both good individuals and can respect eachother and our feelings.)

I agree with you, drift. Society has degraded. We came from small collected tribes of trust and close families to a time where people take advantage of eachother. It has turned into a game of who can kill the other one first. And because of this … just more and more loners are created. Its sad.