Being an cool is that?

Are intellectuals interesting?

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  • no
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I hate the double majors too. Such posers. “I wana study philosophy but I’m afriad i won’t get a job- whan.”

In an actually reponse to the question, switch the two chararaters and replace “play Finial Fantasy Tactics” with “flip through the Suicide Girls photobook” and you will see it works just as well the other way. After all whats more boring than someone who takes every spare moment to play their damn GameBoy- (you can’t be twelve forever.)

hey now, let’s not be bashing all double majors here… i was a history and philo double major and I assure you that neither one helped me get a job

Really, I thought the world had a few posts for historians. Wow, maybe this is the end of civilisation.

Careful there slick, I’ve got a philosophy BA and a Spanish BA. I always thought that non-double majors were lazy and uninterested in taking their philosophy out to the ball-cuttin’ and finger-choppin’ section of the workshop. I also really like Castlevania on the Gameboy (it’s my inner Catholic)

sweaky noise of backpedleing

I swear it was a joke. Erm, its fine we definately need the double majors, after all philosophy need something to apply itself too. Um, my cheif concern is metaphilosophy, so in a way I’m a double major too, in Philosophy and Philosophy.