‘Being’ right?

Being right?

When I use the term ’God’ here I am referring to a given ‘something else’ which is perhaps something like that, but through the prism of the notion of ‘God’.

Can God create something which is not ultimately in its full expression, ‘ungodly’?
If we are vehicles to that teleology then everything we do will ultimately result in the same ends.
To be omnipresent and omniscient etc [not to get too caught up in the terms here], the creation MUST be the full expression of everything which can be experienced.

A Wiseman may see truth by standing on either side of the line/standard of a given moral or ethic, reality has to be that which lies upon both sides! the entire expression/creation composes the whole of god and nothing else, him/reality being entire!

So what is righteousness and what is ‘being’ right?

Are we players in its teleology or part creators of that. Do we have any teleology et al, indeed are we not the vehicles of expression, and hence everything we do is right/wrong regardless? Is this what Nietzsche meant by ‘beyond good and evil‘? and yet in saying that are we missing the point that there is an ultimate good in it all!


“God” is a huge problem. It produces more questions than answers, and the answers it does produce are blinding.

Are you talking about being universally right, or relatively right?

I relatively like the notion of peace and cooperation. Is it always right?

I am more thinking that right doesn’t occur for us. Its Gods conclusions. Someone has to perform the action which are at times ‘wrong’ ~ though I wouldn’t judge the whole person by given instances, nor would I condone the lack of vision whereby some would do ‘evil’ because they are not seeing that there is an ultimate ‘good’ or ends of some kind.

peace and cooperation can = overpopulation.