Being straight forward with all of you...

This has a philosophic bent to it, so why not the philosophy forum?

Here’s the short of it:

I used to get very angry when people would cut me off from explaining facts to them.

As I’ve grown wiser, I understand something… I know almost everything worth knowing about existence on the meta-level … and life is pretty fucking boring at times to me.

What I figured out about us all agreeing to this current plan, is that all of us, and we all live forever, have chosen to be removed from logic, reason and the spirit world to keep us from being bored.

This thread was started because a woman asked me for the 100th time how I was doing and for the 100th time I replied “just doing my thing”. She asked me why I always say this. So I explained that if any being in existence is suffering it’s impossible for me to answer that question honestly, though that takes more explaining to even explain all of that”

You know what she said to me after that brief statement ?? “You’re just monologuing right now, I need to go”

And I was standing there going hmm…

And I immediately realized that she doesn’t want to know everything I can demonstrate. It keeps her life interesting to not know. And I kinda cheered for her.

My life is not totally boring… I’m building a better reality than our current one. That’s the ONLY thing that keeps me from being totally bored out of my skull!

But who the fuck else does that besides me? Nobody. So I look and this woman and I think to myself… I get it.

why is this in the philosophy forum?

also aren’t u supposed to be permabanned since u lost that debate against me?

Mr R,

To be perfectly honest with you, you’d have had a ban for 24 hours for being a troll if I so saw to it.

So basically, shut the fuck up. Even Carleas called you a troll.

u are spamming the phl forum with weird self help posts

I don’t spam on ILP. I don’t stalk on ILP.

You’re not being rational here. What’s my last fucking thread started in philosophy? Can you even find it?

u have a weird complex where u truly believe that u r one of a kind and special and have unique insights that no one else can have. u are nuts bruh


I’m not nuts. Because EVERYTHING I know I explain to others. I believe in wealth translation and not wealth encryption. To me, knowledge is free, and more important than a paycheck.

I know all those things are really hard for you to grasp.

You have a zero % spiritual life. I have a 100% spiritual life.

But I know why you do what you do, which is the actual topic of this thread.

Knowing that your mind can 100% fool itself into a self-protecting bubble strategy, how do you know that you haven’t be so fooled? What is your confirmed evidence that you are right in what you claim to and about yourself?

One thing I can pretty safely say is that we live in a
universe and a tiny part of him is the absolute god that he allows to take over at times

That brings up a totally devastating contrast, since that tiny cosmic egg crack fills the whole scene of what there really is around, but he can not use it, he must part take it without the least amount of qualm about the other parts, that appear as dropped of memory pieces boring into his scull.

A lot of guilt becomes manifest in the missed and opportune chancy events that haunt him and is haunted by him, lest with an endless scheme of never really finding it.

And once in a very blue moon, upon finding it, he doesen’t recognize it for what it is, and looses it, again.

Course, I can see a little of my self in that description, or more then I can imagine.

Life is very simple. If anyone says their consent is being violated, god doesn’t exist as an omnibenevolent being.

Omnibenevolence is the only property every being cares about… heaven for all forever.

u having 100% spiritual life and me having 0% violates me consent

Trust me. You don’t want to live my life dude.

Not only that; the loophole for consent violation is to call out abuse, everyone has that right. You’re an abusive person who feels abused for being called out on it. It doesn’t work that way.

What % does not violate consent, 49-50?

i think u are gaslighting me

i mean im willing to negotiate i dont need half but i mean he cant have all of it and me get none that it a brazen consent violation like almost as bad as someone wanting to have sex this is a very serious matter

Whatever mr r,

You’re a troll who in this specific discussion has no clue that they are a troll.

Trust me when I say this to you:

You do not want to live my life dude.

I have all of existence 24/7.

Existence btw (not just puny earthlings) is a complete shit show. You’d be crushed in a millisecond by the weight I carry

I believe it is

i have some kind of weird god/martyr complex and believe me man i know that i wouldn’t want to live your life u dont have to tell me

back to the point though u have violated my consent repeatedly and i think it needs to stop

it is and it truly hurts

Reasonable wrote:

“mean im willing to negotiate i dont need half but i mean he cant have all of it and me get none that it a brazen consent violation like almost as bad as someone wanting to have sex this is a very serious matter”