Beloved Rainey ( short poem #2 )

The green palms trees blowing against me
the Tides would not let me leave
The destination is never the same
each journey has halted my progress

Woman with seduction
Woman with fire
Woman with gold
now another challenge begins yet again

stranded in the sea
stranded in the land
the gods has given me mercy
after I plunge one of their rebellious justice ones’

The waiting is over
the waiting is over
I know that you have waited for me
so that is why I came, faithful one

what is this poem emulating from?

I think the title gives it away. :wink:

don’t seduce me to write a poem for you, after you told me you were a womam.

How feminists ways deceive!

Shouldn’t her avatar be a dead give away?


So is rainey a man or a woman?

Interesting, this.

Yes, the exact thought I had after reading the poem in question. For some unexplainable reason, I had just assumed you “rainey” were male, but it’s quite possible that I’ve misled myself when you might, in fact be, female. I must ask myself, what is it in me psychologically --conscious or subconscious-- that leapt to such a presumption without demonstrable evidence to back it up? Your avatar certainly does not provide any clues to guide one one way or the other as relates to your gender, but it’s also quite possible one would choose an avatar that features someone of the opposite gender for whatever reason which would subvert any knee-jerk presumptions, which would mean that Phaedrus might actually be male, not female, based on the chosen avatar.

it’s a big ball of confusion this Earth we live on,

He might be thinking of Taylor Rain the pornstar!

Funny, because I just thought it was about the sea.

The sea is often called a woman, and the general theme of the poem could suggest it was not a real woman…

I dig your avatar Dakotadean


this is quite fun, I never thought I would have a chance to response the second time.

should I tell you the answer? Just as Samson told his cunnind decieveful wife to the contestants? you can keep on guessing, just as poems are a game of guessing.

The Avatar seems to confuse people. I’m a guy. The chick in the pic is Anna Friel. I have no idea who she is, but she’s pretty hot. I just love that image of her naked behind the cross. :sunglasses:

This should learn me to take the cliche proverb to heart and never judge a book by its cover,

Thats what I thought before, phaedrus is a guy’s name,
But afer months of a thread I posted in mundanne bable, Phaedrus claims to be a woman, then today, by surprising I was right all along! OR am I not?

Dan, Dan, Dan… [-X You know well I’ve never claimed to be a woman. In fact I’ve corrected this erroneous assumption several times. Point me to one single thread where I said I was female. #-o

I’ve explained the origins of my nic, too, several times- it’s homage to both Plato & Pirsig. You nutball. :stuck_out_tongue:

I remembered it in the the greatest member thread in mudane babble, with the conversation with you and bessy or KRiswest.

But now since you declare yourself masculine, my mind has been transformed back to its orginal, in order to recognize who you are.

lov ya,