Yesterday I re-viewed a favorite movie of mine, and it just occurred to me that being the “janitor” might actually be cool. So, ben, are you a janitor in the Breakfast Club sense, or a more humble one?

I think he is not a real janitor. He is also battling Yoda at the moment, and cannot reply to your thread.

from what i know he is man of few words. from the beggining of time ben was. and through this time, he only got 1448 posts. that avarges 0.89 posts per day. that means if anyone finds a post by ben they are interested,not just because he is the admin, but because it must be meaningfull. IMO. the less posts are more meaningfull theory.

i surmise he spends most of his time reading for the garbage.

I summarise Ben posts for 4 reasons

  1. to moderate or tell people they are pissing him off
  2. because someoen has pointed something interesting out to him. ie. “Ben, have you seen blah blah in the rant house”, or whatever
  3. because he is genuinely interested in the post/thread
  4. because he has some kind of interest about the person posting so he looks out for their posts/threads and posts more frequently

You forgot,

  1. asking for electrical goods.
  • ben

ah yes mr ipod man… what will you be after next?

colour tv?
sky subscription?
a car :stuck_out_tongue: ?