Benefits of Government

Interesting theory about the importance of inclusive political systems in acheiving prosperity: … -0323.html

i think this pertains to many of the seemingly incessant discussions regarding anarchy and statehood here on the ILP.

The basic point i take from this is that how markets are regulated is an essential factor in the economic prosperity of those living under those markets. By extension, this would seem to suggest that regulation itself is an essential ingredient in the success of markets.

i don’t have a whole lot to add to what is said in the article at this point, but i thought it might be a good point of argument in adressing the speculations of free-market anarchists, particularly those in the style of the Austrian School.

i welcome input and reactions from statists and anarchists alike. i just ask you to read the article first, it’s not very long.

Benefits of government? What a amusing concept.

Sure there are benefits but only if you can afford them.

If you can afford the benefits of government the sky is the limit in life of pleasurable self indulgence.

If you can’t get used to living the rest of your life as a menial slave as you remain the caged property of others restricted by the “rights” they are reluctantly able to let you have.

I agree, though I think the ideal balance between regulation and lack of regulation is likely different depending on other factors. The article mentions resources, for instance (Diamond’s thesis, though I still haven’t read his book). I think political and natural conditions during America’s formative years probably favored a political environment of less regulation, though perhaps more regulation than there actually was might have been a good idea. Poor farming practices contributed to the Dust Bowl of the 1930’s, and regulation probably would have helped, though in our culture the resistance to regulation is so embedded that regulation can contribute to social unrest no matter how beneficial it would otherwise be.

It’s my experience that most or all free market anarchists or libertarians are ideologues. They don’t actually care what leads to a better life for people. Rather, they say things like “if the market crashes, then it crashes”. Even the idea that a government can protect the rights and freedoms of its citizens might seem nonsensical to such a person.

That is interesting. And it supports what I have been saying in these threads. :slight_smile:

The concept of “freedom” or “rights” means nothing short of only total obedience and conformity to government in ascertaining both.

In government all individuals it reigns over are seen as it’s property to do whatever it sees fit with where the only way to gain any semblance of independence or at the very least it’s illusion requires nothing short of total obedience.

You think that you are “free”?

Try to do something against the enforced expectations and dictations of government.

I dare you. They would come for you in the middle of the night.

Why can’t individuals self regulate themselves?

All this political and governmental doublespeak is bullshit reasoning.

They do.

The second and third comments on that page are particularly good.

You’re not living in the Soviet Union.

The trouble is that you reduce everything to black and white, so there is no room for a discussion. Ever heard of shades of gray?

No they don’t.

A individual can’t do anything without first adhering to government dictations, expectations, laws, or standards.

The long dick or arm of government is present everywhere.

Genuine individual independence is nonexistent.

Only conformity and obedience exists with government state punishment for those that do not follow. Of course the punishment comes in a variety of forms both light and heavy.

Do you get mad at fallen trees, too? I mean, they block the path you wanted to take… Do fallen trees prevent you from regulating yourself?

Clearly you have never seen a police raid of a house before. I have on many occasions.

Shades of grey? Such as?

What are you babbling about?

Political opponents on meathooks, mass graves, gulags, disappearances in the middle of the night. That happens in the West? You gotta be kidding.

People in the west are jailed, imprisoned, and executed like anywhere else where the only difference is that it is less public over here.

People disappear yearly. Ever seen the national statistics?

Assassination? Nothing publicized of course but there are a lot of weird accidental deaths of opponents if you look hard enough for them.

Do not get me started on bribery or corrupted politicians. We would have to talk all afternoon on that subject.

I’m saying you can do what you want to. You can walk off a cliff if you’re willing to pay the price. You can refuse to pay your taxes if you’re willing to pay the price.

Let me ask you, what is it you propose? What does anarchy look like, to you? Is it a bunch of people sharing and bartering with a soft sunset in the background? Or is it some kind of dog eat dog world, where anything goes?

It would be a dog eat dog world just like this one where the only difference is that there wouldn’t be no asshole in the background telling me what I can and can’t do.

In a existence of anarchy if somebody tries to become a master over me I can kill them without reprisal.

That’s what I thought. I hate to tell you, Joker, but in a dog eat dog world if someone has the power to tell you what you can and can’t do, then they win. End of story. You already live in the world you desire so badly.

In the world of government telling others what they can and can’t do revolves around the fictional semantics of word plays like morality, ethics, and law.

In the world of anarchy telling others what they can and cannot do revolves around the sword or gun.

There is a reason why government and their followers abhor nihilism.

Nihilism disrupts the very government foundational values of control.

If it revolved around fictional semantics you could do what you want. The reason you can’t do what you want is because it revolves around swords and guns.

Your world of government revolves around fictional ideology, religion, belief, metanarrative, and metaphysics. Mindless belief enslaves.

Without any of that your government world would not exist.

Without any of that it would be just your guns and swords against mine on a random battlefield.

The reason genuine individual independence does not exist is because of government.

You are nothing without the hysteria of the beliefs that back yourself.

Government supporters fear anarchy because they fear what they cannot control,exploit, or manipulate.