Benefits of Philosophy on Religion

I did a search for this, but I could not find anything on this exact topic:

The benefits of philosophy in the study of religion. Ie: whether philosophy is a useful tool to study religion.

The only thing I personally can think of is the fact that good reasons are produced by philosophical methods. Therefore, theology/philosophical religion have traditional ways of argumentation and concept usage, and traditional questions.

Religion leans to practice, and philosophy leans to thoughts. In accordance with reason, they can help each other.

but what about the use of philosophy in religioin

  • set up objective that we can understand phenomeon of religion philosopically
    *acustomed to thinking about issues
    *spread the word to others

dont you think this too is an important tool of philosophy in the study of religion?

i think you need to specify what exactly you mean by “using philosophy”

if you mean actually thinking about things and not blindly accepting the ambiguities of a 2000 year old book, then yes, philosophy is the only usefull tool when it comes to religion.

Li Jiong has the vital distinction. Religion is best at helping to decide the, ‘how shall we live?’ questions. Philosophy help’s generate those questions about why we would want to live. Sometimes they can help one another, sometimes they are diametrically opposed. The line between the two is very fuzzy.


Good comments! There are a few different ways to enlightenment, philosophy is a way for the individuals who has good ability of thoughts (at least, just as Future Man says ‘philosophy is the only useful tool when it comes to religion’); religion is a way for the individuals who has good moral and practice. Sometime (perhaps often) intelligence will obstruct one’s moral and practice, so it is important to transform one’s intelligence into prajna wisdom.