So how about that Bernie Sanders huh? Looks promising so far, at least to me. What do you guys think? Donald ain’t going to do it, and Hillary sure as hell ain’t going to do it.



Yeah, it’s a great idea in trying to socialize everything with the entire country going bankrupt and economically crumbling.

I hope he gets elected…

Pretty much whoever gets elected at this point the final outcome for this country will still be the same.

He wants to create jobs by building new infrastructure. He basically wants to build America better, cleaner, safer. Life friendly. And he also wants to unite people.

You never know.

That’s what they all say.

Apparently you didn’t read between the lines of what I was implying in my post…

Unfortunately I do know and rather painfully might I add.

You along with everybody else will soon enough find out what it is I am talking about.

I give it another three years at the most…

He’ll be the next FDR by fixing the middle class.

He’s still better than Hillary or Trump.

Alright, if he wins the election we’ll then see.

Everyone should write in Elizabeth Warren.

Any candidate, no matter who he/she is, and which party he /she belongs, would be certainly better than Hillary Clinton.

Just do not choose her.

With love,

Socialist wouldn’t be bad in a country like America. Because there wouldn’t be too much control from companies like what we have right now, Facism/capitalism. But we would have Government controlling the companies/businesses. But we also have people controlling the government, so realistically it’s like the people would be controlling the companies.

People > Government > Corporation

Socialism and Capitalism. Different ideologies, same outcome.

But capitalism is control by private groups/people. If it were a democratic/socialist country the government which is a democracy would then control the companies, at least we would know who is in control and can change it… We don’t even know who the businesses and private owners are right now who really pull the strings, we can’t do anything to really change it because it’s private. If it were government it’s public and more open, and not only that but the people are really the ones who control the government which is why America is America… The “We the people” and republic.

I think he’ll be able to fix the middle class, create jobs through building new infrastructures. He also doesn’t want to ship jobs over to China or other countries for cheaper labor, he wants to create jobs and products in America again, which America comes out with safer and more stable products. Go big or go home, we don’t want any cheap labor products where we don’t benefit.

K: and another person who is totally confused what socialism means.
and why do you think the country is going bankrupt and economically crumbling?


Isn’t socialism so that government takes control of the capitalist state we’re in (private owned businesses/corporations) but democratic socialist would be the government take the businesses, but the government being controlled and voted on by the people. Correct?

Because democracy is the whole situation of ‘we the people’ and socialism is corporate being controlled/governed by government, so it’s more public.

In socialism it’s a vanguard, party, or inner circle. Same thing.

You have your choice between crony capitalism or crony socialism. Take your pick.

In democracy, crony oligarchs or corporate lobbying groups. Same old, same old…

Yes laughingman, I’ve said it before. You can write down whatever laws you want and make whatever government rules you want but in the end it’s all just a facade. The strong take a disproportionate amount of resources for themselves and there isn’t anything that can change that. It’s a jungle out there, and the lions get what they want first.

I prefer the Robin Hood lifestyle by comparison dealing with them…