Bessy has it going on...

I have been monitoring this site for about a week, and from what I see, Bessy’s insight into most issues it right on. Lighten up, can’t you have a little fun? She’s my kinda woman. :evilfun:

Lol, so… why don’t you just write a PM? :laughing: :wink:

Bessy’s got a bofriend, Bessy’s got a boyfriend… :smiley:

Do you ever sleep, my friend?


I’m on GMT+2, it’s only 5pm over here. Though I do burn the midnight oil upon occaision.

Ah, that makes plenty of sense. What is my 10 am till 5 pm is your 12 pm to 7 pm, so most of the time I spend on here is afternoon/early evening for you.

bessy, did you make a new account just to patch your cracking self esteem, you sad sad girl ?

Oh come on Zeno, Bessy is about as crackable as silly-putty encased in titanium. (In a nice way, of course… :wink: )

I’m thinking that the prefix POON should be placed on the OP’s nickname in light of that devilish emoticon.

Tang, one question for you: is your name, when spelled out, the same as the character of the name of that particular denasty or the character of Sugar?


Exactly, I just enjoy her style - along with yours, but very few others.

you make your first post to cheer bessy ?
hah !

ye’r bessy.

Not everyone is as big a moral void as yourself Zeno. :smiley:

Tang - :sunglasses:

moral void may well be, but encased in kevlar.

… Tang, one more question for you: see my previous post.

I’m not gona ask again, next time I’ll just draw my conclusion instead. Come on.


You are right Z - doing that made me feel so much better. What a boost for my self esteem.

Tang :laughing:

And whoever you are, Tang … thanks, I think. :wink:
I hope you have been practicing the piano Uni. I haven’t heard from you. And Tabula: (as always) thanks for the vote of confidence - I think you’ve got my number about the silly titanium.

Just ask my kids.

uniqor–sorry I didn’t answered your question. This is new to me and I somehow missed it the first time. Tang is just a little name my grandmother gave me. Her maiden name. Thought I had a good deal of her side of the family in me. Never know her too well, but the name stuck.

Thank you Tang, so you have no direct anwser to my question… never mind. Hey, post a pic.

Sara hi. Yep I’ve been doing it all the time, remember Beeths op2 no1 that I started three about month ago? I’ve rambled through the allegro, left the second movement untouched and excelled at the minuet and trio, the presto I love most but play the worst - it’s simply too fast for my left hand. As I told you before, I can’t really do a cartwheel. I’ve been checking out his last triology - smothered I say, stunned! Listening to them is as if dreaming while being conscious of the thrill of the dream itself - that’s how I appreciate them - I don’t reject anybody for saying that they represent the crowning jewel of the entire realm of western music, or cultural legacy indeed. The day I become able to play the dazzling double fugues of the b-flat, shall be the day I bring home the true beauty of the sound of art. Now reality time - back to piano sonata No.1…

I am so proud of you Uni. I can see that you are working hard on your Beethoven… now that is discipline. I usually offer my older students some wine and cheese after they get through the double fugues, but some jazz is just as taxing with the blasted syncopation… good luck in finding a place to stay, btw. Please come over to “Fear and Love.” I am being eaten alive by a certain satyrical scoundrel. I am speechless and wish I could whoop his sorry ass on the ebony and ivories. :wink: