Best/easiest way to turn women on

What’s the best/easiest way to turn women on? (other than flashing your money around like there’s no tomorrow)

When it comes right down to it, what do women really want in a man? This is a very anonymous forum, so there’s no need to bullshit here, people.

The best way for a man to get his wife all hot and bothered again in the bedroom right after they have just had sex???

Wipe his dick on a bedroom curtain.

I was referring to losers like myself who haven’t even got past the eye contact stage.

The traditional stuff. Money, power, fancy cars, and if you have a really big

you know:wink:

yep house, then you are set.

Men may think with their dicks but women equally think with their wombs. Many of them are looking for a place to NEST.

So you think that deep down in almost any woman’s mind this urge to settle down and nest trumps other things like looks, personality, etc.?

Dude, if you cant get past the eye contact stage, dont worry about turning them on. That comes MUCH later for you, my friend.

Stick to being yourself, but don’t be bashful about it. Women love to meet men who are confident, but love to fuck men who treat them like women.

You must realize they are all insecure. Even the ones that seem confident have plenty of insecurities. When you learn to study, appreciate and be interested in the girl, when all of your attention and focus is on her rather than yourself --then you will gain sucess.

I know this to be the truth because I was very insecure growing up. When you finally grow the courage to just go over and talk to the girl and realize how easy it is, your life will change.

Don’t torture yourself with thoughts on what may happen, what to say and the like. Just your interest in them is enough. In essence don’t think just act.

Maybe you should smoke some marijuana and go out in a public place and take particular notice of the people. Just study them, that will be an enlighting exprience, I grantee it.

Yes, yes, yes !!!

When she throws her sandals over a fence (so as to climb over it bare-foot) (to take a short-cut through the peach orchards) and they land in a nest of wasps – rescue her insignificant sandals from the wasps. She will follow you, her fearless man, to the ends of the earth…

Or something along those lines…

Don’t cost a dime…

(screw you, grammar police)

The keys are:
Don’t be too aggresive, yet show interest.
Don’t show self pitty/low self esteem, yet dont be full of your self. Have self confidence.
Don’t act like she’s the most precious thing in the world yet compliment her on her attractive qualities. (refrain from complimenting ass/tits. Be sincere.)
Remember NO ONE is better than anyone else. No matter what their status/looks are.
Be confident.
Be yourself.
Don’t be afraid.

I will add to Sandsloth’s

Don’t be a stalker. It’s creepy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello Ditto! I am brand new to this, literally as of one minute ago, however… you are a philosopher (I take it), that within itself is sexy. YET, you said without flashing your money around. Does that mean you have money or just like to pretend you have money? Two; where is it that you are “not” flashing this money around? The local bar? The trite coffee shop? The best/easiest way to turn women on… okay, for one be smart! If you’re a philosopher than you are. If you see that sexy woman across the … and she cannot hold your intellectual prowess than NEXT…, I know for myself, that a sexy man is an intelligent man. Really look into their eyes. Intense and truthful intensity into one another’s eyes is powerful. (If you are really interested, other than tonight). SMILE! Be happy, be happy to be talking to her. Listen to what she has to say, unless of course she starts talking about clothes or the he said she said bullshit, if she does, NEXT! Be encompassed by her, her thoughts, the way she looks, the way she talks, what she has to say, if all of that, plus more, isn’t there, move on. If it takes your money to turn her on, NEXT! Don’t buy her, because if you have to, she’s not worth it. It won’t change. EVER. To be redundant, your intelligence is what is sexy, at least it should be if you are intelligent. Think of 10 things you want from a lover/friend/significant other and don’t stray from it. If they have never heard of Nietzsche NEXT! If they have and they say “God is dead” not “God is dead, thus we have killed him”, NEXT! Ha ha! Just kidding on that last sentence, well… no, not really. :smiley: