best intellectual hip hop.

any ideas?

dead prez is good

thabullet :smiley: not entirely sure wheter he’s intellectual, but surely you’ve never heard of him and he’s a great musician :stuck_out_tongue:

Dead Prez is surely up there.

That is the only audio tape that I have in my jeep. There album Let Us Be Free is in the top 15 of all time hip hop. Especcially there rendition of Animal Farm.

There School is actually what I went through in the New York Public Education system. I’ve performed for them on several occassions. Much love for Dead Prez. But sadly, their IQ level is in the wrong places in my opinion. And that keeps them underground.

Cannabis… you can not sleep on Canibus. He is the best lyricists of all time. ALL TIME!!! Eminem some times surpasses him, but Canibus always comes through when it comes down for line to line knowledge.

The most profound is Nas. He is a poet/philosopher with his rhymes. Tu-Pac was on and off. But you got to love it when he did get Plato-ish on the track.

The RZA , the GZA, Killarmy, Sonz of Man, Method Man (on certain tracks) and Inspecta Deck always teach me things. The GZA was the one that introduced me to the Chaos Theory.

Deltron 3030 (aka del the funky homosapian)
Handsom boy Modeling School

Aesop Rock…

Underground… white… jewish fellow… rapper… you wouldn’t know he was white or jewish by hearing him. His… well let’s just say … he puts Eminem and Cannibis to shame.

serious? I need to get up on him!!

There are alot of great white MC’s in SoCal. It isn’t even funny. What pisses me off is how quick idiots are to compare them to Em immediatly. Slim Shady is the shit, no doubt about it. But he isn’t the only one, or the best one, by far…

yeahhh aesop rock! and canibus, any wu tang …cannibal ox is weird but good. any def jux stuff is good and spaced out.

MC’s have to be careful when they add too much knowledge to a track. It could destroy it. Not in my opinion. But in terms of selling it to the street.

yeah i think you’re right …if its too “heady” it won’t be accepted by the majority of hip-hop listeners.

which does wonders to the stigma that people that listen to rap are ignorant…

hahahha seriously! and when those same people hear it they probably still say “ahh i can’t understand any of this garbage”, seriously adding to the LOL factor.

who am i kidding though…acting like i know what i’m talking about …i’m the whitest person ever and i’m from new hampshire. :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Being white has nothing to do with it. Maybe you did or didn’t grow in a hip-hop environment. Geesh, I did. But I would listen to The Smiths, Nirvana, DePeche Mode, Metallica, Oasis, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Pink Floyd or The Rage Against the Machine any day of the week over the majority of rap. Obviously I appreciate the music, but about the culture they signify (very wide choices of bands I got going on there) I don’t know anything about.

hahah i know, that was another example of my brand of “humor” or sarcasm or something. i definitely did not grow up with hip hop though…i listened to 70’s and 80’s rock and funk …and a heavy dose of jazz and blues. but nowadays i like lots of different music for different reasons.

aeriously check out deltron 3030 best cd ever

oh btw suspect debut album comeing soon ( shameless plug)\

also check out any music produced by automater

What does everybody have to say about Rap being the worst type of music out there?

i have heard a lot of people say that… but whoever honestly says that or believes that doesn’t know enough about it in the first place! hip hop has definitely gained some credibility in past years …speaking in terms of academics, the famous Berklee College of Music (boston mass) has all kinds of classes relating to hip hop and even DJ-skills (including scratching and whatnot)! hip hop has DEFINITELY entered the curriculum of the more performance-oriented music schools, so that to me is a sign that it is FOR SURE a legitimate form of music/art/expression. and i think in the coming years people will have no choice but to accept it as such!! :sunglasses:

i think that 99% of it is crap. but there is the rare song here and there that isnt just about killing/sexing/doping that owns. I love Gangstarr and Nas and Deltron 3030 (heh ive edited this post 3 times now to add somone else)

Has anyone ever heard of Michael Franti? Or his current group Spearhead?

Very intellectual and political. Hard to categorize him, (I hate categorizing anyways; music is music) but under the list of categories that I’ve seen him under are: Hip Hop, Jazz, Rap, Reggae, Rock, R&B, and Soul. He use to be very political (with his old group Disposable Heros of Hiphoprsy and earlier Spearhead albums) discussing issues such as capital punishment, AIDS/HIV, legalization of marijuana, and especially the war in Iraq, but his latest album (Everyone Deserves Music) has eased up a bit and is very uplifting, focusing more, in my opinion, on personal development. Does not get any radio play due to the issues that he discusses.

He was recommended by one of my previous philosophy professors and I found his latest album, Everyone Deserves Music (which can be picked up at a local music store), to be very worthwhile.

anybody on ninja tunes, especially mr. scruff and kid koala (if you ever get the chance to see him live drop everything and run to the gig - absolutely amazing).

the grand central records lot are also amazing, it’s run by mark rae from rae and christian. i love aim with a passion (sail is still one of the best songs in the world - kate rogers has the most beautiful voice). fingathing are also very cool live, but i don’t have the album. i would recomend ‘cold water music’ by aim to everybody in the whole wide world.

actually, i think that everybody in the forum should download ‘sail’ by aim, and let me know what they think. i really honestly think that you will love it.

I don not understand please explain.