big bang and the James Webbs telescope … ng-theory/

A distant galaxy was found that predates the time line of the big bang theory.

Unless I’ve miss-understood.

I haven’t read the link, but if it doesn’t involve fractals in what replaces a single “bang”… yawn.

The idea that gas and dust comes together to form planets, moons, stars, galaxies… is absurd!

Small particles do not come together to form large bodies, it is just the opposite… large bodies fall apart to form multiple smaller objects.

Our solar system was formed by the Sun’s mass slowly evolving to space, ie the planets came from the sun.

The planets are not moving towards the sun which will eventually be part of a larger Sun, they are moving AWAY from the Sun because they CAME FROM THE SUN!

The standard model is BS!
Mass evolves to space!

What, iyo, are new stars being formed from, then?

What were the original large celestial objects formed from, and why/how did/do they become spherical?

The heating and cooling of matter, changes it from one state to another… so a hot gaseous universe, once it cooled down, could/might/may have created a solid state universe.

New stars are being formed from the center of the galaxy, which is a massive body. That massive body is evolving to space, meaning its matter is breaking apart and moving outwards from that body. A star is born, orbitting its core which is a massive body. It came from the core and is moving away from it, just like the Earth is moving away from our sun, just like our universe, along with other universes, is moving away from the center of the multiverse.

Matter does not come together to form larger objects, large objects break apart and you end up with a lot of smaller objects.

Get a log and burn it. Heat and light is produced and small particles move away from the log until there is nothing left. Smoke, light, and heat do not come together to form a log!

This guy is a long time big bang theory denier. I mean, the big bang theory might be wrong, but the place it’s going to be proven wrong isn’t going to be on a website that looks like it was made in 1998 on a cream colored computer by a guy whose been denying the big bang for decades.

There was another similar article to the one you posted making the rounds, by another long time big bang denier Eric Lerner. I found this article on the subject: … nce-denial

Please stick to theorising about Avril Lavigne and not planetary systems, coz you’re better at dat!


The Earth came from the Sun.

Everything/all, came/comes from, the Sun(s) [stars]. Stars… our eldest ancestors. lol!

Cosmic-dust nebulas… where stars are birthed and worlds are made, worlds apart… an initial fission, creating it all. Or not? :-s

Are you of the belief or disbelief, that some planets can stray into our solar system’s gravitational pull?

There is no “pull”, there is force which is forcing everything away from each other. Our sun is not “pulling” on our planet, the sun is forcing our planet away.

There is no such animal as pulling something while it is moving away. That is a bunch of nonsense.

How can you claim that gravity is attracting the earth towards the sun while it is a known fact that the earth is moving AWAY FROM THE SUN?

The earth came from the sun. The sun came from the center of our galaxy. The universe came from the center of the multiverse. Objects move AWAY from the core as it gets less dense.

There is no such animal as a bunch of gas and dust coming together to create a sun or planet. That is total BS!

So what (iyo) is keeping all the celestial bodies in [their] place?

It is? :-s

So is it centrifugal spin (that force) that is keeping celestial bodies, in place in space? Something is/has to be…

I agree… up until the/a multiverse. I believe that the universe’s shape, plays the main part in its physical physics and properties.

What is causing this ‘moving away’ iyo? I believe the shape of the universe (mobius strip/Klein bottle), is what is causing this constant ‘moving away’.

…so what are the cosmic nebulae comprised of… if not chemical elements, which are not 1 solid mass?