Big Oil's Ten Favorite Congressman

Come and get it, Kropotkin! Looks like this is right up your alley. If the Dems do take over, the lobbyists will have to find other elected officials to buy, not that it would be difficult. :wink:

My only comment is all ten are members
of the GOPhers party. No real surprise there.

I have been sick over the last week so I have been
laying low for a bit.


The top 10 are all Republicans, all right, but if the Democrats take back one or both houses of Congress this year, watch that change.

I hope that made you feel better. :slight_smile: Get well soon, Krop!

True, Navigator- the Republicans are in a better position to be on the take right now, but inevitably the Democrats will take their share of the blood money once they’re in charge. And with respects to Imp, I can’t see how the Republicans can possibly maintain control of both houses. They’ve simply stepped on their dicks too many times. If somehow they manage to do so, Karl Rove should have himself bronzed, installed in the Capitol Dome and worshipped as a god. :laughing:

“Wonder why we don’t have a national energy policy or a serious push toward alternatives? Follow the money that oil and gas companies send to Congress.”

Disgusting…This pretty much sums up the state of our current government.