Birth Announcement - LittleTab#2(f)

Well my fellow travellers upon the long and winding path of pointless procrastination, a notion to consider - Even though I can’t prove she exists, the latest spawn of my genetic meddling in the great lab of life doesn’t half make a hell of a racket.

[size=75]LittleTab#2(f): says the label on the box, just beneath the ‘fragile’ and ‘this way up’ stickers.[/size]

Tabula* will be somewhat scarce around the forums from now on, as the latest seed of his loins competes with the small bushes of his mind.

Adieu beloved friends and enemies, and all those in between, adieu.

And remember: Spelling, always spelling.


[size=75]*Let’s face it - ‘Tabula’ talks about himself in the third person, a sure sign that he’s already disappeared up his own ass (or arse, as it is called over here) and wouldn’t have much of note to say anyway. If you should ever get overly nostalgic for his point of view upon any given topic, simply imagine him saying “It was those damned genes that did it, it was.” or possibly just summon an image of a middle-aged man (in reasonable shape for his years) pointing at you, shaking alternatively with a mixture of despondant, dreary hilarity and the most deeply mirthful kind of despair.[/size]

And so it was.

A child is born unto Tabula Rasa this day.

Congratulations Tab.


Wow! Blessings to you.


Congrats, Tab. Oh, and welcome to the suburbs… :smiley:

May you always be her Hero, may you always be quicker to smile than to frown, may you always have the strongest arms to protect her, may you always find time to play with her, and may you live a long and loving life as Father and Daughter. May the best of Luck, the sweetest Karma, and all the greatest blessings rain down upon your family. Enjoy!

Congratulations. =D>


Well done matey.

Yeah! Go Tab! :smiley:

She’s uber ca-ute.


Good work on the gene scene, Tab. May she grow up strong and healthy. I look forward to reading her first post.

congratulations and farewell

[size=42]to any normal sleeping pattern[/size]


Congrats to you and your wife Tab.

She looks gorgeous (as does little Tab#1) which only manages to debunk your gene theory and prove the existence of a merciful god. . :laughing:

Congratulations :slight_smile:

congrats and just wait. They don’t become evil until the
teenage years and they watch out. My daughter became
evil around 14 and it still goes on at 21. I am hoping
the devil leaves her soon.


Another blank slate!

Oh thank the heavens and all powers above I am not the only one with such a 21 yr old. :laughing: I had thought to retire when that legal age got hit. LMAO boy did I lie to myself.

Psst. Tab not all kids turn out this way. Its genetics pure and simple. :laughing: :laughing:

I forgot to tell you, I just love the name - the parenthetical ‘f’ adds the je ne sais quoi so often missing in names today. :smiley:

Congrats again.