today is my birthday.

i turned nineteen at nine fifty nine pm.

my mother called me this morning and said she cried because its my first birthday away from home…

she sent me a card and the Ghostbusters DVD

im only telling this because i have no one to talk to, on my birthday

for those who wish to reply, what were you doing at nineteen and why? just trying to get a good idea of what i need to be doing at my age.



Happy Birthday.

Ahhh… that’s all you need; to know you are loved :wink: Happy B’day, O.K.

I can’t remember what happened at 19? That’s usually a good sign, right? I can remember the great job I had (working with an architect as a designer) and I remember the crowd I was hanging with (fun people – one of them lived in a pub so we had the pub to ourselves after hours :stuck_out_tongue: ). There would have been lots of dope (and acid for special occasions)… That’s probably why I don’t remember it.

So, if you’re away from home, are you away from your friends too? That would be a bummer. I suppose you can always celebrate it when you get home.


What are you doing now? I’m the same age as you… :smiley:. I’m reading books…lots, and lots of books…and peeling away the layers of self and illusion.

Happy birthday!

When I was 19 I’d already discovered poststructuralism and Gin, so that’s what I was doing.

When I was 19 I’d… oh, wait, I’m not 19 yet.

last year? i was travelling around china, cambodia, laos, and thailand, and smoking one hell of a lot of cigarettes.

but enough about that - just do whatever gives you inspiration and makes you feel like you’re living. i hope your birthday was splendiferous.

how does one go about doing this?


I’ll let you know what I’m doing at 19 in about 5 or 6 months.

you can take a gap year, which is what i did, and travel/work/do voluntary projects to your heart’s content - or just do it in the summer or something. you need to apply for visas for each place, but that’s usually pretty straightforward. flights there can be quite expensive, but the living is so cheap once you arrive, you don’t actually end up spending that much money. but yeah, definitely visit those countries - they’re amazing places, especially china!