Black art...

I am particularly drawn to Black art… I might have said African-American but it is not just African or American but just indicitive of this race worldwide. I collect it. I don’t know why… I love it.The same as I like Shaker furniture or a peaceful, clean-looking room - there is a simplicity to it. A pureness, and yet there is always movement pulling you in and beckoning you to stay. They are alive with the music of life.

I thought that I might be in a minority of collectors - but I’m not. I am drawn to the contrast in color against the black faces and bodies. I am almost addicted to it and will always find a reason in a gallery or studio to search out those pieces. The interest for collecting these pieces is growing, and after I post some examples I hope you can see why. … i_21225424

What’s not to love? I feel a kinship there. I make references to feeling Italian - I totally do. I am drawn to the culture, the people, the country. But I am drawn here as well. Almost as if it knows me. When I look at it, I am a white woman and yet… I am home. Your thoughts?

How about the ever so small pics you posted.
This is the Visual Arts forum… don’t be shy to post large pics.


i don’t know how. When I post photos - sometimes they are big and sometimes they aren’t…

I need tutoring. :blush:

I will try another

This is my favorite by Ellis Wilson. Better?

Leroy Campbell… I could look at these all day. Does anyone else see the graphic beauty? There is a similar feeling to all of them from various artists.

Yeah Bessy, that’s much better.
Thanks for the great pics.
I can see why you like Ellis Wilson’s painting.
I like the marijuana in the background. :wink:


They are fatsia japonica, NOT marijuana. :laughing:

I know Bessy. That’s why I put the wink smilie…
I was sincere that I like the painting.


I’ve seen winks and I’ve seen winks… hehe.

I think I like the contrast and the touches of dark brown or black throughout - makes it. White guys here just wouldn’t do it for me. hmmm


yeah, the reason it seems to draw is because it is like you said, “simplistic and also flowing with the dance of life.”

I am particularly drawn to black music myself. Delta blues is one of my favorite kinds of music. I play guitar a lot, and I almost always choose this style or folk music. I think it is because the music is clear (uncluttered) and also warm. Yeah, For some reason, it is warm too.

My bro and I often say we are part-black for the same reason. We crave it. All of it. I am a musician and I really can’t get into the bubblegum or metal crap - but if rock has a good bass… I’m in.

Sometimes I sound downright patronizing but damn - I love it all. Look at the movement in this piece. It pulls your eye around it… juxdaposed against the musician and his fans - really love this.

I think we all understand each other deep down inside at times. A man at times may understand what it is like to be a woman, and vice versa. Same with race stuff. We are all human, and sometimes I think we can peep into each others souls and feel what it is like to be someone else. Art helps us do this I think.

I may use that as my new sig. Excellent!

Yes black art is a beautiful thing. I find it and Latin art are very similiar in style at times. Often times in our society we find the beauties pushed aside to make room for the more traditional styling of arts. But as a black male I am proud to see you embrace and enjoy this stuff since there is a rich history.

Thanks for writing Satori… do you have any particular Latin artist in mind?

I did a project on this guy when I was younger. His stuff reeks of Giger and a bit of Harlem Renaissance.

This is an interesting one as well. I have only glanced at the majority of these works but watched multiple presentations during my Senior year of HS. The bright colors and movements are very similiar in some artists while others went more the cubism route…


May I please have a sample of the music you do?