Black People Are Afraid of Snakes

In general blacks are more afraid of wild animals than whites.

unless they are in a plane or malt liquor ad?

give me a break…


Hmm…you might be right, although we’d have to take a poll to find any legitimate statistics.

I have a theory though as to why you might be right. Perhaps because of the history of the black race in its being treated as a kind of “beast” or primitive version of man, there is some amount of shame in the black race. To compensate for this, they try to express a sense of greater elevation in the species hierarchy. This means that they want to exaggerate their dislike, and therefore their difference, of/from other animals, which is a way of emphasizing that they are “better” than other animals. For example, Tamika sees a snake and says “ewwww, that thing is nasty, get it away from me,” and then continues putting curlers in her hair in front of the mirror while her fingernails dry. What is really happening here is a vainity and an arrogance, but not as a result from a lack of education and knowledge of wild animals (which she doesn’t have). Rather, it is a way to alienate on purpose other animals so that oneself can pretend for a moment that they are significantly more than animals. That animals are “dirty” and that Tamika is clean. That animals are “stupid” and that Tamika is intelligent. Etc., etc.

Now I ask you: who would make such an effort to express disgust for wild life unless they, themselves, at one time felt like an animal or at least felt as if they were being treated like an animal?

Part of the pressure on the black race is the feeling of inferiority in the presence of other races. They must then go to great lengths to pretend to be something more than an animal, and in doing so they exaggerate their dislike of wild life.

I think they’re also more afraid of ghosts. I feel terrible making these generalizations. But I think I’ve actually read this one somewhere.