Black People are More Stylish than Whites

Black people are more interested in looking good than whites are.

who you calling vain?


This one is definitely true. We don’t need statistics for this one I don’t think.

Here is why you are right. In a consumerist society, class value and status is represented by wealth. If in a society there exists a race which was once inferior (slavery) to another, and which then becomes equal, this race will go to great lengths to make sure this equality is noticed. This must be done by excessive consumption, which is to say, the only way to express one’s self-esteem in the presence of a race which at one time held the other in subordination, is to either match it in material wealth or exceed it.

This is why you might see a black person driving a car which is decked out in all kinds of accessories and shit, but who lives in a slum of projects. This is his way of being noticed while out in the world and exposed to other races and classes. He would sooner drive a million dollar car than live in a decent house…because it is only in the social context, the public, that he is so eager to pretend to be valuable and wealthy.

I don’t know how I feel about this one. I know that I’m interested in looking good, but I don’t think about it so much because it just kinda happens naturally. I guess if I was ugly then it’d me more noticable that I was striving to be good looking. I dunno.