I awake and I find,
The wife of my kind
I said, “I love you”
She bought it back to me

I build the sand, with my open hands
I awaken to see
That I can’t hide from this sea
But the moon hides out
In a muddy current
If we all hide
These tinted clocks

But the grin
nudged me
From what is to own
I said, “What do you know?”
My hand is a fugitive
I laugh at this guestlist.

Till I buy you a debt
I promise you this
I’ll always look out for you
I love you

Till I wrinkle without bath
My heart is yours
It’s you that I hold on… to
That’s why I love you
I’ll always look out for you

Till your thirst is quenched
But the questions
They anchor the tears in my heart
I jump out this plane
to showcase your art.

That I am still stoned from the night before
And breaking christs laws

You cannot hide from Christ gobbo! If you mean by “i,ll always look out for you” that you will look out for god, you will not! You cannot hide and expect god and christ to be happy about it. So why promise that you will always look out for them. This is bad.

Quoth the man who bears a sword as a crucifix. Will Jesus love you my merry little sunbeam…?

Listen… Thane of Ark…please give it a rest will you?