Blame the poor; blame the Chavs; blame minimum wage

You are all blaming the wrong guys.
In the US… a$50k earner pays out tax about $250 goes in defense; $250 goes on Medicare; $23 on unemployment insurance; $36 on Food Stamps.

Money all well spent.

But where does the bulk of taxation go? Straight into the pocket of the Rich.
Anyone like to guess how much of your tax dollar is directed at Corporate Subsidies?


over $4000.

Maybe its time to stop bitching about the 36 buck on ~Food Stamps, and start to complain about the government handout received by people such as Bruce Springstean and Bon Jovi for their farms?

Agreed. Government aid should be need based, and profit shouldn’t count as a need.

Could you cite something? These numbers look like make believe; specifically, the military and Medicare budgets being equal, and the ‘corporate welfare budget’ being 16 time greater than either one of them.

Page Two… But if you look at the actual numbers it’s a little iffy. Once again, people buying into words. Apparently Corporate welfare budget includes, $4,095,000 for the department of commerce, with 24,000 going to the Minority Business Development agency. $13,845,000 to the National Institutes of Health: Applied R&D. $1,251,000 to High-Speed Rail. The list goes on, and it’s the Cato Institute, which I’m surprised to see a liberal source quoting.

A lot of them are “Progressive” applications, but because the government has no valid reason to know how to investigate such things, it is given to Corporations to actually make work…

Note: Department of Defense, Applied R&D accounts for $4,737,000 of it…

But yes, I’m not real sure where the rest of the numbers come from. The link sure doesn’t go into it.

That study gives a total of 97 billion for all the things it lists in 2012. The U.S. federal budget for military spending alone is 650 billion dollars per year, give or take. Medicare is about 800 billion.

So I still don’t see a reason to believe that what Lev says is true, or even a rough approximation. If the military and Medicare budgets are each 6-8 times as high as the corporate subsidies budget, where is he getting the idea that a 50k taxpayer is paying 16 times as much for corporate welfare as for the military or healthcare? To put it another way, Lev (and the website he cites) is somehow declaring that the American people are paying more of their taxes in corporate welfare than the total United States budget. 2013 spending was only 3.4 trillion, with all states combined adding up to about another 1.2-1.3. Medicaid, Social Security and the Military add up to about half of it. So how can what he’s saying possibly be true?

I think maybe the problem is one of progressive taxes and division. While Medicaid, social security, etc is divided more accordingly to the progressive tax system, the “Corporate Subsidies” is divided evenly over all “taxpayers” so even the people that pay nothing to taxes are paying “over $4000.”

So compared, say to the provision of FOOD Stamps, how much do you think the government is paying the RICH disguised as “Corporate Subsidies”, such as paying Bon Jovi NOT to farm his land?

Surely we are blaming the wrong people, if you blame recipients of Food welfare? … rance.html

Well,it can’t be 16 times as much as the military budget as you seem to suggest, because 16 times the military budget is more than all federal and state spending combined. I’m sure though that the answer is ‘more than I’d like’.

In other words you are clueless, but you would rather pay millions to Bon Jovi and Brice Springteen to NOT farm their land, rather than give a red cent to a hungry child.

I think of it as a sporting event. Imagine a ton of people pay to come and see a competition. And they wanna see who’s the best, and they wanna see that team get the trophy. Competition is good.

But then the teams become so savage, that it becomes the case that sitting in the stands becomes dangerous and no one wants to buy a ticket anymore. Then there’s nothing to compete over. No one can afford a prize to give the winner.

When the winners of the competition forget who’s backs they’re standing on, and act terribly, then those people all decide to leave, the whole game is over.

Interesting and puzzling.

Your fourth word is “IT”. What “it” is it that you refer to?

The dynamic between those who see competition vs cooperation as the best way for people to interact with one another.

Conservatives and other right-wingers target food stamp recipients not because food stamps are an expensive program (they are relatively cheap, as you point out) but because food stamps are so symbolically important to them. Food stamps represent a clear cut case of the government helping poor people, and conservatives CAN’T STAND IT when the government actually helps poor people because it undermines the core of their ideology and proves the lie of their rhetoric about the evils of “big government” (i.e. a government that actually tries to help people ((other than the wealthy)) ). So they slander food stamp recipients as lazy and unmotivated - strung out on government assistance (see Mitt Romney in his more candid moments). It’s largely bullshit of course, but they have no scruples about attacking the poor, as long as it serves their political agenda.

I like how the wealthy point to the poor and accuse them of taking so much of everything. I’m like…yo…if they’re taking everything then why are they so poor? Also…how did you earn a billion dollars?

It’s because many wealthy people understandably hate paying taxes, and so by extension hate the people the taxes go to help.

Nobody gives a fuck about the poor.

You presume to speak for everyone? i’m a pretty cynical guy in some ways, but i still think “Nobody gives a fuck about the poor” is an incorrect statement.

Really? Well, show this abundance of care for poor people that supposedly exists. Keep in mind that you’re talking to somebody who has been very poor most of their life.