Blame the Universe for Global warming

I find it funny that most climatologists to not consult experts from my field of Astrophysics when researching global warming. The truth behind global warming is that man has little to do with it.

Nebula NGC 604 is to blame for the latest global temperature increase.
NGC 604 is located in galaxy M33 and what it is doing is ‘making’ stars.

This process sends interstellar clouds, which are light years wide, across the Universe. A cloud from NGC 604 swallowed our solar system in 1968.
Our solar system has defense bubble called the Heliosphere. This is formed from solar winds from the Sun that collide with interstellar winds, causing a sheild that protects us from charged atoms that would cause trouble if they got through.

Here’s the problem- the cloud from NGC 604 has uncharged Helium atoms that get through our defense bubble. What they do is find the Sun, get charged and thrown back at us by a now stronger solar wind.
The result is a warmer solar system.

Consider us lucky so far that we haven’t been hit by more than one cloud (which will eventually happen) which would warm us up by many degrees.

This is not theory, it is a known fact. CO2 is nothing compared to a good interstellar wind that is loaded with uncharged Helium atoms.
Solar systems are getting destroyed every second and ours is no different.
So go get a bottle of Sun screen and enjoy the weather this summer…and rest assured that our newfound warmth is out of our control.

lol, and they blame climatologists for guessing too much… :stuck_out_tongue:

Climatologists must guess, so do Astrophysicists to a point. However, the Voyager and other missions have shown what I am saying to be true.

If it were true, and I am not doubting you, I doubt the news or politicians would ever ever make any headway trying to explain it. Its much easier to point to cars and say “Bad Bad”, than to point to the sky and say “Bad Bad.” People are way to stupid to be spoon fed solar winds, and colliding galactic gases.

Also people don’t like to be told that things are changing and humans are powerless to stop it.

Where’s the evidence that this cloud is actually affecting us at all? I don’t see the connection.

I agree with Warshed here, its hard to get the public to swallow something like a helium cloud, much easier to point to smokestacks and cars.

Though I have to say, that when I’m driving to work in the morning and I’ve got my window down, and a car in front of me is putting out a lot of exhaust, it makes me choke. So if this ‘dust-cloud’ is the reason for the temperature increase, that’s all well and good, we can’t change it, but isn’t cleaner air - in general - a good thing?

If you think about it, global warming is really the terrorist’s fault. They’re the ones pumping all the oil out of the ground to be burned.

Hmm I work for a small oil company, does that make me a terrorist?

No. You’re just a victim like the rest of us. You gotta make a living man.

ok just checking, even if you said yes, I would just take your comments tongue and cheek. I read a lot of what you have said in other threads and I would say 50% of what you say is just comedy.

To Muscular Philosopher, I feel there are a lot of things you are not taking into concideration. Global climate change can occur through many different means. Im sure you are familiar with the Malankovitch cycles, which also have nothing to do with the Earth’s atmosphere. CO2 will continue to always have an effect on the earth’s atmosphere, it always has and always will. That effect is reflected by global climate. Are you familiar with the vostok icecore drilling?
We arent having an effect? This is really hard for me to believe, almost as hard to believe that the lone cause is a gas cloud from deep space.

One day we will start using a new time replacing Christ.
We are going to use Gore Time. It will be BG and AG for Before and After Gore.
The BG is the time when the American Republican government denied the existence of global warming.
The AG is the time when they found hundred-plus explanation for it.

I guess the next explanation is going to blame the democrats being ‘hot’ during the last elections.

Man it’s way more than 50%.

What makes me wonder is the other half !?!

The other half is pure genius.

Thanks warshed. You just made my quota for the day. I have to get someone to call me a genius (or a half genius) every day or i start to get depressed and withdraw to my books. (mostly right wing propaganda ones) Now I can leave the house.

Does the ‘theory’ of half-educated apply to half-genius?

Raven I don’t even know what that sentence means.

the proverb is saying “those who are half-educated are more dangerous than the. illiterates”

Last time I did your homework!